10 Benefits Of Marine Grade Dock Boxes

10 Benefits Of Marine Grade Dock Boxes

At the shore or dockside, the extreme weather conditions can harm or cause damage to your stuff. The standard dock boxes, which are made of fiberglass can not be withstand the weather conditions that prevail point at the shore. The corrosive sea salt, theft, and damage due to the UV rays of the sun contribute to this deterioration. In order to secure your tools, fishing equipment, scuba gears or other toys, you need a secure and durable storage box.

Marine Grade Dock Box

A marine grade dock box, is meant to withstand all the damaging factor at the shore. A marine grade dock Box has benefits like –

  1. They are made from rotational-molded high density polyethylene. This makes the construction of this box solid and enables it to resist the daily wear and tear.
  2. The are highly durable as they can withstand the extreme weather conditions at the shore or dockside. This is possible because of the use of double walled lids that vary from 3/16 to ¼ inch in thickness.
  3. They do not crack if a huge weight is placed on them. You can tell your children to jump over the box all day but the box will not break.
  4. Even though it is much durable than the boxes made from fiberglass, it is surprisingly cheaper. Its price is comparable to the boxes made from other materials, but given the benefits it is highly affordable.
  5. The marine-grade storage dock is made of polyethylene which is an eco-friendly material. Rather than those made of plastic which deteriorate the environment.
  6. At the dockside you and your stuff are exposed to Ultraviolet rays from the Sun. You have sunscreen to protect your skin, but your equipment need protection from the damaging rays. The marine grade dock box is resistant to the damaging UV rays which most of the other boxes are not.
  7. The dock box comes with hinges that are stainless steel and rust free. These hinges are molded to make the box theft proof. This also ensures that the box is not tampered with when you are away and your stuff remains safe.
  8. The hinges are tough enough to prevent the winds from entering into the box or blow away the lid. Further the box is secured by a lock on each side.
  9. For ease of movement, the dock box is fitted with a suspension action that opens the lid.
  10. It has air vents that are useful in keeping your gears ventilated and prevent formation of mold.


The marine grade dock box is an ideal solution to storage needs at the dock. The box has many benefits that can make it a common choice for storage needs at the dock. It is eco-friendly and UV resistant and weather proof. In addition to this, most of them come with a warranty of 10 years from the manufacturer.