3 Unique Ways People Have Used Neoprene Fabric

Neoprene fabric offers a wide variety of benefits that range from moisture protection to temperature protection. Although it has been used in workout clothes, wetsuits and other products for years, recent innovators have come up with new ways to use their purchases from a neoprene fabric sale. The variety of new inventions shows just how versatile the fabric truly is. Just check out these up-and-coming inventions.

Water-Friendly Baby Carrier

Victoria Boag and her husband Adam love the beach, but they were both a bit apprehensive about taking their oldest daughter, now 4 years old, into the water with a traditional baby carrier. After spending three years coming up with a water-friendly and safe design, Boag launched Frog Orange, a company that purchases neoprene fabric wholesale and creates sporty, stylish baby carriers that keep small children safe and secure while in the ocean with their parents. The semi-structured design includes secure buckles instead of traditional knots to ensure it stays in place and is comfortable for both moms and dads to use. Frog Orange is based in Australia but offers international shipping if you email for shipping details.

Temperature-Shielding Phone Case

Extreme temperatures aren’t good for your cellphone. In fact, if they spend more than 15 minutes in weather below freezing or above 95 degrees, they can shut down completely. Entrepreneur Lisa Lambert recently decided that phone cases currently on the market weren’t doing enough to protect cell phones if they were accidentally left in hot cars or were exposed to cold temperatures. She decided to take matters into her own hands, creating the ClimateCase 700 Series, a cellphone case that she created with the help of a neoprene fabric sale. The multi-layered design not only protects smartphones from extreme temperatures, but also protects them if they are dropped. The design, which took three years in the research and development stage before being approved by Bureau Veritas, is machine-washable. It is available in a variety of colors and fits most brands and models. Lambert intends to release a version for tablets in Spring 2018.

Multi-Layered Firearm Holster

Carrying a firearm for long periods of time can be uncomfortable for the wearer as well as damaging to the firearm. Until recently, conceal carry with an IWB holster usually required an undershirt and the rubbing of the firearm could cause moisture that resulted in rust on guns carried for long periods of time in a holster. Kinetic Concealment recently created the neoprene-backed hybrid holster and received a patent for the invention. The leather and neoprene hybrid holster not only makes wearing a firearm more comfortable, but also creates a barrier against sweat to prevent the gun from rusting. The company is located in Tennessee but fulfills all orders via the internet.

From firearms to technology to baby supplies, there aren’t many industries in which neoprene fabric isn’t beneficial. The next time you come across a neoprene fabric sale, perhaps you should take advantage and purchase some of your own. You never know if you could be the next person with a great idea.