3 Ways To Use Old Smartphones

The mobile technology is advancing at a breakneck speed and we almost see brand new devices with each passing day. Trendy-looking devices have crowded the marketplace with their new features and latest technology. Technology fans are often easily attracted with new devices as soon as they are available in the market. Often they need to device between new models in the market. It is also important for them to immediately get rid of their old smartphones. Once the most sophisticated mobile device in the market, these old smartphones are eventually discarded or sold in a pitiful manner.

In fact, some of these old smartphones are so outdated that they are eventually considered as “dumbphones” because there are no longer suitable apps in the market for them. After the release of iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and rumors of samsung galaxy s7, people have started to discard iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 4, although they are still capable for everyday uses. These older phones have lower values in the market compared to newer models in the market. It is a quite sad fact that many people ghardly give a second thought before they discard their phones. Despite their age, we should know that these old gadgets can be very useful, although there are relatively technologically backward. Here are things we could with old smartphones

  1. Use them for mapping and GPS services: Our old smartphones are very likely already equipped with GPS-based mapping service. We could purchase a smartphone cradle that can be attached to the car dashboard and it could be charged with the lighter. These phones should have at least 3G data connection, so it is possible for us to download additional maps on the go. Owners of old Android smartphones could find out whether it is possible for them to install the latest mapping software. This should be a simple adoption and it is a much cheaper implementation than using dedicated GPS equipments.
  2. Reserve them for emergency calls: There are times when our brand new smartphones run out of battery juice, while we are about to make a very important call. Having a spare smartphone in our bag should be useful and we could just use it to make the call. For this purpose, we could just use the cheapest voice and text messaging plan for our old smartphone.
  3. Multimedia players: Old smartphones could still become excellent multimedia players. This should be handy for people who want to get entertained on the go. If our old smartphone has at least 5-inch display, it could still be usable for watching movies without enabling the cellular connection. We may not need to install many apps, but we could fill the storage with dozens of movies or hundreds of songs. For this reason, it is no longer necessary to purchase a dedicated multimedia player, because we could just connect an earphone and enjoy the entertainment.

There are many other things we could do with old smartphones, such as using them for e-book reading and playing games.