Never allow anyone poison your mind against the use on concrete on site. While RMC may have a number of advantages, it cannot in anyway overshadow the innumerable advantages of site-mixed concrete. Site-mix concrete is better in certain construction works in which you cannot use RMC. Using RMC in such instances will amount to utmost disaster. You may want to take a deeper look at things before joining the crowd to condemn the use of concrete mixing on site. In this simple write-up, you are going to learn about few of the numerous benefits of mixing your concrete on site.

Cost effectiveness

One of the outstanding benefits of mixing your concrete on site is that it is a cost effective way of making concrete. It allows you to properly monitor the entire raw materials required to make the concrete. Never again will you have to spend so much on concrete making, since every raw material will be measured properly and the mixing will be done under human guidance. This way, none of the raw materials will ever be wasted. This is never the case with RMC, which is mixed by some computer software.  While such computer mixing may be faster, it is equally prone to error; even computer programs are not infallible.

Perfect for various projects

As hinted earlier, quite a lot of construction works are best done by mixing your concrete on site. In actual fact, many builders prefer to mix their concretes right on site, since it gives them more control over how things are done. Many London concrete suppliers, who understand the hidden benefits of mixing your concrete right on site will even advice you to go for this in place of RMC. You will never get it wrong when you go for this method of concrete mixing.


Pay only for what you see

This is one of the many advantages of concrete mix on site. You will never have to waste your hard earned money on concrete mixing, since you will be paying only for what you see. Everything will be done right under your nose and you will have input all through the process, including the pricing. Never again will any London concrete suppliers be able to shortchange you, which would be the case if you opted for RMC.

No more over ordering

One of the many hidden problems associated with RMC is that of over ordering. It is in your best interest to mix the concrete right on site for any building project you have in mind, including single storey extensions. Using ready mix concrete may cause you to over order, since you may not be able to measure the exact quantity of concrete to order since the preparation is not done on site. However, this problem can be curtailed when the mixing is done right on site. The concrete can be mixed in smaller quantities to ensure there is no left over at the end of the single storey extensions work. Such concrete mixing can be used for both your domestic and commercial building projects and it will work perfectly.