4 Questions To Ask When Looking For A Meeting Venue

When you have been given the job of organising your company’s next big meeting or event, choosing the right venue is crucial. If you have no space for holding a meeting in your office or workplace, you need to find somewhere outside. But the choice of venue is tough as there are many different places to look at, all with different advantages and disadvantages.

What helps when you are organising a meeting at an external venue is to be completely clear at the start how many people you are catering for. Obviously, a meeting for 100 people will take place at a completely different venue to a meeting for one person interviewing candidates. Large Conference venues also usually have other facilities and amenities, too, while smaller meeting venues are more limited. You also need to decide where exactly you want the meeting venue to be located. After you are clear on these points, draw up a shortlist and ask the potential venues these four questions:

  1. Are There Good Transport Links to the Meeting Venue?

Whether you are setting up a meeting for two people or 200, you need to see that the venue is easily accessible for all participants. Work out if it needs to be close to public transport links or if it only needs to be served by major road networks. If you are organising a retreat or a breakaway event, however, you can book a location in a more out-of-the-way location.

  1. What is the Capacity of the Meeting Venue?

Once you know how many people are going to attend the meeting, it is essential you find a space that fits these people – and one of the first questions you need answered is about capacity. Too small is uncomfortable, while too large is a waste of your budget and will also make it difficult for people to interact.

  1. What Are The Food And Drink Options?

Most meetings require at least tea, coffee and water to be provided. You may also want a lunch to be served, or a dinner. Check what catering arrangements are in place or whether you can bring in external catering. You may be able to negotiate on the price if this is the case.

  1. What is the Technology Set Up?

A meeting will probably need the use of a projector, a laptop, a screen, and Wi-Fi. Check that the venue has these facilities. You may also need other technology in place, and that can be arranged at some meeting venues but you need to find out in advance.