4 Tips For Preparing For A Perfect Proposal

No proposal is guaranteed to have a happy ending. No matter how much you love your partner or how much you think she feels the same way; the truth is that it can still fail. It depends on what words you say during the proposal and your sincerity in popping the question. Timing also matters a lot. Take note that you are proposing to have her hand forever. This is not an easy decision for her to make. Sometimes, even if she loves you, practicality will still prevail. This might make her say no. Here are some important tips to help you prepare before asking for her hand in marriage.

  1. Look your best. You need to remind her just why she agreed to be your girlfriend in the first place. You need to look awesome for your proposal. It is important that you physically prepare before popping the question. There are times in the relationship when you feel too comfortable with each other that you no longer prepare for when you meet up. This time is different. It is a special day. Therefore, you need to try your best to look prim and proper especially if you are asking the question in a more formal setting.
  2. Practice what to say. It helps that you choose the right words to say. You can practice in advance in front of the mirror. You should say exactly what you feel and not what you think will impress her. The reason why you are practicing is because you might end up dumbfounded. This could be insulting to her. If you don’t want to memorize, it is fine. You just have to remember the key words so you can say exactly what is inside your heart.
  3. Just be natural. You must let things flow. No matter how much you practice if what you say is not what is inside your heart, you won’t utter it the during the actual proposal. On the other hand, if you let things flow, it becomes more sincere. After all, if you really love her, you won’t run out of words to say. You will just keep saying things that are inside your heart.
  4. Find the best ring. This is extremely important. Without the right ring, the proposal could be a disaster. You can check out Tips on Choosing an Engagement Ring if you have no idea how to get the best one. If the ring is irresistible, you will surely get her hand. Take time to find the perfect ring that matches her personality. It is also a test of just how much you love her.

If everything is ready, you can now pop the magic question and just hope for the best.