5 Decades Of The Porsche Legacy

5 Decades Of The Porsche Legacy

Porsche 911, the car that has been the driving force of the Porsche brand since 1963. It was launched in the September month of 1963 at IAA International Automotive show and went on to create a benchmark for a quintessential sports car for every other car in this segment.  Porsche has sold over 820,000 Porsche 911s, which makes it the most successful sports car ever. There have been seven segments of this highly popular model of Porsche that has seven generations to date, of which the first and second generations have been the collector’s favourite.

Porsche 911

It was launched as a successor to 356 and conquered the hearts of many sports car enthusiasts. It was renamed from 901 to 911, for its official market launch in the year 1964. The engine delivered 130 hp and the car goes to a top speed of 183 mph. The credit goes to the air cooled six cylinder boxer engine that the 1966 Porsche had. The 160 hp Porsche 911 S, which was followed by the Targa, had interesting features such as forged alloy wheels and stainless steel roll bar. As the displacement increased with each variant, Porsche 911 became more and more powerful but never exceeded the weight by more than 1000 kg that is the dream for a sports car design even today.

The Second Generation

The engineers of Porsche 911 waited for ten years to give the car its first complete makeover. From the year 1973 to 1989, only the second generation model was produced by Porsche. This was the longest duration for any of the 911 generations.  It introduced an innovative design that was a necessity to qualify the latest crash standards in the United States. This innovation was the bellow bumpers that was considered as a prominent feature of the Porsche 911.

Integrated headrests and three-point safety belts as standard equipment were introduced as a feature for occupant protection. The unveiling of Porsche 911 Turbo with a three-litre 260 hp engine and the big rear spoiler made it a favourite collector item. The 1989 Carrera Speedster, launched in 1989 was reminiscent of the iconic 356 model.

Innovations in the Later Stages

The third, fourth, fifth and sixth generations saw minor alterations to suit the personal preferences of the drivers. Carrera, Cabriolet and Targa, rear or all-wheel drive, GTs, special models and the road versions for GT racing have made the 911 cars a family of 24 models.

These two have been the particular favourites of the car lover the world around.

With time, the craze of this quintessential sports car made appearances in a number Hollywood movies like the Wolf of Wall Street, Gone in 60 seconds and Top Gun to name a few. The spectacular design and style of the Porsche 911 embodies the combination of speed and sense.

Each design of the 911 has received high critical acclaim for its constant innovation over the years. The Porsche 911, with its flat stretched silhouette that gives elegance and compliments the aerodynamics of the design, is a perfect blend of science and art.


Each component reflects the precision with which it is designed. These are some of the most impressive elements of Porsche 911 Carrera that is still undoubtedly redefining the benchmark for automobile design and also the best 911 of all time till the next generation arrives.