5 Home Makeovers That You Can Afford

Home is the most important place in your life. It houses your favorite people and provides the backdrop for your most treasured memories. The only problem is that this particular location is looking a little lackluster.

Your home desperately needs a new look, but your budget is a tad bit tight. Surely, you couldn’t possibly breathe new life into your home’s weary decor without busting the bank, could you?

1. Shed Some Light

A quick, easy, and cost-effective way to give your home an esthetic boost is to change the lighting. Swapping out heavy draperies for lighter ones can welcome in more natural light, altering the look of your entire space. Replace dated light fixtures with modern ones. And, as “Affordable Mini-Renovations that Make a Huge Difference” adds, pay particular attention to what’s hanging over the dining room table and ensure that it displays the wanted amount of flair and elegance.” Investing in a higher end chandelier can add a big bang for relatively small bucks.

2. Stain A Floor

Is your carpeting hiding a hardwood floor? A quick way to totally alter the look of your home is to yank out the carpets and let those wooden planks shine. Not only will this give your home a more current look, but it will also remove a plethora of unwanted allergens.

And, a perfect way to create a custom look for your wood floor is to re-create a colonial checkerboard floor. This Old House recommends swapping the traditional painted floor for a checked look using stain. With a projected cost of just $110 per average room, this is a very affordable way to create a dramatic change.

3. Change Hardware

Bathroom and kitchen cabinetry can achieve a bold new look with the simple addition of new handles and pulls. Not only is this option much cheaper than new cupboards, but it is also an extremely easy fix. Try to stick with hardware that is timeless in both its’ design and choice of material. Country Living, in fact, warns opting for hardware that is too cutesy or personal like forks and spoons or chickens as these get old fast.

4. Accessorize Cautiously

The act of accessorizing can be divided into two parts with the first being shedding unnecessary items. If your nightstand, kitchen counter, bookshelves, or bathroom vanity are overflowing with knickknacks and other unnecessary items, you will want to thin out the herd. Put some items in drawers and cabinets–out of sight. And throw some out.

According to House Beautiful, some accessories that will add style to your space include overstuffed throw pillows, statement furniture pieces, and a some greenery. And, whatever you do, keep the floor clear.

5. Rearrange a Room or Two

Another simple way to completely transform your home is to simply move the furniture around. This may require some hard labor, but it won’t cost a solitary penny. Try placing the sofa on an angle, moving the bed to a different wall, or reworking the entire room. And, as Style at Home reminds readers, you can even rethink what rooms your furniture pieces now call home by moving items into entirely new spaces.

There are a myriad of ways to upgrade your decor without a significant expense. So, unleash your inner interior decorator and have fun.

Which one of these five options appeals to you most? Why?