5 Kid-Friendly Festivals In NZ

5 Kid-Friendly Festivals In NZ

For parents hoping to make memories that will last a lifetime with their children, the idea of a road trip in a camper van hire is a good one. Some of the best experiences during childhood are the ones spent on the road.

If you are planning a road trip in New Zealand with your kids, you may be planning things to do with them but aren’t quite sure where to go. A fun idea could be visiting kid-friendly festivals along the way.

Following are 5 kid-friendly festivals that may be perfect for you and your family to attend:

  1. Queenstown Winter Festival

Set in Queenstown during the winter, the Queenstown Winter Festival is one of the most talked about and fun festivals that New Zealand has to offer. Full of a variety of events and activities, you and your family will most definitely not run out of things to do when you attend this snowy winter land experience. From mountain races to dog derby’s, this is the festival where the winter fun is at.

  1. The Wildfoods Festival

Feeling a little hungry? Why not visit the Hotika Wildfoods Festival and check out some great dishes and foods-some of which you may not even recognize? To give you an idea, you may find bug ice-cream on the menu or chocolate worms. When you hear the words Wildfoods Festival, be prepared because wild isn’t just a name. The foods are literally… wild.

  1. Auckland Lantern Festival

When visiting New Zealand, Auckland is an altogether good area for having fun with your children and exploring things to do. One such thing is the Auckland Lantern Festival where they can observe some of the most interesting lanterns imaginable. From Chinese dragon style lanterns to cute character lanterns, your kids will be amazed at the artistry and adorable designs at the Auckland Lantern Festival.

  1. Chocolate Festival

All you have to say is “chocolate” and we are certain that your kids will say, “yes, please!” The Chocolate Festival takes place in Wellington and we are confident that it will not only make your children happy, but you will probably be sneaking in bites here and there, as well.

  1. Kids Fest

As the name implies, this Christchurch kid’s festival is entirely geared to your children. Full of fun events, such as lantern making, plays, and even acting classes, you can rest assured that this is the festival that kid’s dreams are made of. If what you want is for your kid’s to be entertained, this will win you the “best parents” title, hands down!

Kiwi’s love to have a good time and so should you. Whether you enjoy trying new foods at festivals or you want to join in on some winter fun, there is plenty to do at New Zealand festivals. Your children will love New Zealand as much as you, especially when you plan stops at festivals like these ones. Chocolate, snow, food, and fun—what more could your children ask for?

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