5 Marketing Tips For Branding On Instagram

5 Marketing Tips For Branding On Instagram

Instagram is emerging as the best Social Media platform followed by Twitter and Facebook. Many studies claim that people are switching from facebook to Instagram because of the better visual content. Many marketers are using Instagram to increase their brand awareness.

With Instagram, you can reach potential customers from all around the world. In today’s digital world, Instagram is the fastest growing Social Media platform for visual content.

Below are the 5 marketing tips for branding on instagram that will boost your sales:

1. Post visually creative content

Your products or services are what makes your company unique. They should be showcased in a creative way instead of standard advertisement posts. Users on Instagram like content that stand out of the box. Use your imagination along with your marketing strategy to create a successful Instagram post. Instead of using stock photos of products, use creative and different things. In this way, your content is giving your readers new ideas about things that are related to your brand.

2. Use relevant hashtags

The three main building block of a great Instagram post are a high quality image, an engaging caption and right hashtags. Instagram take hashtags very seriously. Hashtags are very important element of marketing on Instagram. They invite  users from all around the world to come and see your posts. Hashtags provide a great opportunities to target a specific type of audience. Finding the potential customers was never this easy until hashtags were introduced. For best results, use time sensitive and trending hashtags in your post.

3. Use geo tagging

Using the location feature in your instagram post can provide great benefits to your business. It helps users to locate your business precisely and hence, increasing awareness about your brands. Sharing location in your posts helps in promoting brand events. Today, Instagram is the best tool for spreading awareness about your brand on the web. When you mention the location in your instagram posts, local customers can be attracted like never before. If used with proper strategy, geo tagging can bring great returns.

4. Interact with your customers

In order to increase engagement, you must find creative ways to interact with the potential customers. You can organise certain type of contests for your users so that they feel acknowledged and hence building a profound trust for your brand. The main reasons to interact with your customers is the value it provide to them.

5. Use call-for-action

Take advantage of call for action that  instagram provide when you opt for using a business profile. You can add your phone number, email or even address in the Instagram bio. Providing these details show your availability to them. This allows your potential customers to easily reach your brand directly from a social media platform like instagram.

The above mentioned tips will definitely help you in building a astonishing engagement. Many brands have gained a tremendous success just by marketing on the Instagram. Get in touch with us to know more about branding on Social Media platforms.

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