5 Preschool Activities For Pre-K learning Kids

5 Preschool Activities For Pre-K learning Kids

Pre-kindergarten learning activities are designed to prepare your child for the enrollment in Kindergarten. These exciting and engaging activities will draw your child’s interest in art and colors, world around us, reading and maths. Whether you teach your child at home or sending some pre-k school, it is essential that your child know about colors, weather seasons and basic math.

The preschool activities not only help your child to be skillful but also make their learning time a fun that is more enjoyable than a burden to them.  These activities gets your introduced with the four core curriculum areas, reading, math, EVS and art.

Below is the list of some interesting activities that your kid can enjoy whilst learning

Line design prints

One of the interesting activities iis line design prints. Teach your child drawing lots of line prints by using wrapping string around wooden blocks to create line-filled paints. The activity is not only easy but also gives joy every time your child attempt. You can also enjoy this activity and make it more interesting for your child.

Spring collage

Making season collage is the great way to introduce your child with for different seasons such as summer, winter, spring and monsoon. These are easy to create, you only need some common objects can be found in your house like construction paper, old magazine or cereal boxes.

Mini Ice Sculptures

More than fun, your child gets boost up while performing mini ice sculpture activity. It is so fast and energizing, that your child would love to do it again and again. Enjoy with your child and experience the utmost fun about these activities.

Name puzzle

The activity is fun as well as learning method that introduce your child letters and words. Let your child align the letters to make a word. Learning letters are something that children usually want to avoid, but the activity will reduce the boredom and ignite the interest.

Sensory table

Sensory table is the one thing that enables your child recognize and communicate things around them. A sensory table is a low table that consists one or more containers that are filled with different items to sense or recognize the object.


Developing basic skills in your child’s early age is extremely necessary and these activities will help to enhance the same. Teaching your child these activities at home is great but sending your child in a child care centers will help your child collaborate with other children and learn more from others.