5 Reasons Why A Truck Accident Lawyer Is Needed

5 Reasons Why A Truck Accident Lawyer Is Needed

Trucking is essential to American commerce and supply. While most of us don’t think much about how we get everything from baseballs to broccoli, we have the interstate trucking system to thank for it. Driving these big rigs is tedious and stressful work, and it’s impressive that most trucked cargo gets to where it’s supposed to go without problems. But trucks do occasionally get into accidents. The good news is that because of the trucks’ weight and size, these machines and drivers usually walk and drive away in good shape. But what of the other party or parties who might be involved?

Statistics show that approximately 5,000 large truck and car accidents occur on American highways annually. While the truck driver in these accidents is generally fine, the car driver has often been killed or has been seriously injured. Given the 77,00 pound weight difference between these vehicles, one would assume that all but the most obviously negligent car driver would prevail regarding settlement. But without the assistance of a qualified truck accident lawyer, the opposite is often true. Why is the assistance of such an attorney so important in these cases?

  1. Davy And Goliath

Davy just needed a slingshot, but the huge insurance companies that represent trucking companies are a little harder to bring down. Even in cases where the truck driver is obviously negligent, insurance companies will pay as little as possible. Your lawyer is all too familiar with these ploys, and will fight to get you the best settlement possible.

  1. They’ll Take A Look

Studies have shown that in the case of a car-truck accident, even a neutral accident scene investigator tends to find that the smaller vehicle was negligent. A truck accident lawyer can get permission to have an investigator visit a crash scene separately to collect evidence to build a case.

  1. They’re Good Readers

Your lawyer will have access to truck logs, which often provides information about both a truck and truck driver’s condition that can produce evidence for a case.

  1. Documentation And Filing

Aside from the fact that all of that legal paperwork is time consuming to collect and difficult to understand and keep track of, you just may not feel well enough in the aftermath of your accident to deal with it. But it’s all part of the job for your lawyer and his or her staff.

  1. Trials And Settlements

As exciting as television makes it seem, it’s usually in both the plaintiff and defendant’s best interests if a settlement is possible without a courtroom trial. But whether it’s negotiating in a meeting or presenting evidence in a courtroom, clients can be sure that a truck accident lawyer will get them the best results possible.

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