5 Things To Consider While Buying Massage Beds

Indeed, even adolescents & young adults these days suffer from neck & back problems due to continuous long seating on computers or athletic activities. Visiting a massage therapist is not that everyone can spare time for. In this aspect to reduce your stress and body pain owning a massage bed is no less than a boon. Due to a fair demand of massage beds markets are also flooded with ample of choices such as portable or fixed, lightweight or heavy which in turn may confuse the buyer to select a right massage bed suitable to his need. With so many options to choose from the buyer need to first dissect his needs precisely. These requirements may vary from professional usage (for a massage therapist) to personal utilization at home.

Here are some of the tips given by professionals holding expertise in massage for choosing a perfect massage bed.

  1. Stylish & Comfortable

When we talk of the comfort of bed the first thing that pops into anyone’s mind is thick soft and comfortable mattress. The quality of foam plays an imperative role in providing a nice support to you or to a client’s body to unwind & relax during the treatment. A low density foam will sag or flatten in long run spoiling the entire comfort & look of your massage bed. Apart from foam, the upholstery of bed should also be long lasting.

  1. Fit for your Body Size

How tall are you or the size of clients you generally work with will help you decide the height & width of a massage bed? Being a therapist, you need to consider maximum & minimum heights say 5’5” to 6’2” or 6’4” as a general rule of thumb as it would accommodate all body types & styles. On the other hand, for personal use one can opt for the one suitable to your own height & width. There are a number of adjustable height choices as well based on personal preferences and style.

  1. Weight limit

Apart from considering price, brand and material kind of factors in mind weight limit is another factor which needs to be understood as well as considered. You or your clients would not like to have any disastrous episodes while treatment henceforth it is imperative to understand the difference between static & working weight. The safe working weight is the weight a bed can bear due to extra side load of therapist & the pressure exerted on the client without the dread of breaking it whereas the static weight is related to a safe weight uniformly spread over the top of the bed. It is hard to digest but India is one amongst the top ten nations with obese people. If you are concerned about the safety of your clients then buy a massage bed only from a legitimate buyer in India.

  1. Fixed or Portable

Do you need a portable bed for professional use with raising backrest for certain treatments such as reflexology? If yes then you have narrowed your selection of massage beds to a great extent. We then focus on the material of massage bed which should be light & durable both. Bed weighing less than 14 kgs are easy to carry and it is recommended to have a wheeled bed for mobile treatments. On the other hand, if the massage bed has to be used purely for personal use at home then by simply ignoring the weight you should look for other features & looks that suit to your needs. Such beds are usually fixed, stable & there are almost no chances of their breaking down.

  1. Quality & Budget

Compromising on a comfortable functionality if you are looking for only a cheap piece of equipment then you’ll have no option left other than regretting later on. It’s better to clear your doubts about the level of your need like a massage bed for personal use or a professional level massage bed is what you are looking for. If you require it for your business then it may sound a big expense for a quality product but buying a poorly constructed bed from an untrustworthy manufacturer will just make you end up in buying another one.

“Getting regular massage therapies is not a luxury but a need to treat various pains, anxiety & even boosting immunity” is now a larger part of people think & for this they even buy their personal massage bed especially in cities like Delhi, Mumbai where stress, pollution and anxiety prevails.

We hope following these suggestions it would be easy for you and your clients end their pursuit with a correct purchase.