5 Useful Things You Find In Grandma’s Attic

If you are going to visit your grandma any time soon, have you considered taking some time to see what is in the attic? You would be pleasantly surprised to know what fortunes it may hold. Seriously, attic is the perfect place to store and quickly forget the things you do not need in some particular point of your life, but that does not mean that they do not have some value. Now, there are no guarantees that you will find a mummy, or some priceless painting, but we say this few things are worth checking out.

Old Comic Books

Thanks to the video games, movies and TV shows, comic books are more popular than ever, and even some more obscure characters are getting mainstream exposure and mobilizing fandom. Now given the fact that more recent comics are pretty easy to find, you will have to give up making a fortune out of your old comic books, you may find in grandma’s attic. If you, however, stumble on your father’s, or even better, your grandfather’s collection, you may be onto something. The Action Comics #1 was recently sold for the $175.000 so that should be enough of a motivation for you to explore.

Ironical Retro Stuff

People are ready to pay a great amount of money for the irony. We will not argue whether that is a good thing or not, because in your case it is very good. Do you remember those VHS tapes with misleading covers and outrageously bad movies on them? Or the cheesy 80’s one-hit-wonder vinyl records? Or the cheap bootleg toys, good old Nokia 3310s, and other things you think belong to the past? Well, thanks to the YouTube, and other popular media, these items have become very sought out commodity, just for the sake of irony. Try to dig up some of them.

Valuable Tools

If your grandparents own a backyard, it is very possible that they were into gardening, and landscaping when they were younger, but gradually gave up their hobbies as they were becoming too difficult for them. That is why you should check their attic for various drills, hammers, chainsaws, garden pump sprayer, or a mow. If they are operational you can give them quick repair and use them for yourself. If they cannot be used anymore, you can at least dissolve them and sell the parts.

A Lot of Paint

Older people do not care so much about the maintenance and the interior design as the younger folk. Because of that, you may find a lot of paint waiting in the attic ever since the last renovation. It should be very unfortunate if you allow it to go to waste, especially if you are planning a paintjob in your house in the near future. Also, paint is not the safest thing to keep in the attic because it is very flammable, so you will only do your grandparents a favor.

Old Music Instruments

If your grandparents had a thing for music, it is very probable that you will find some instruments up in the attic. Beautiful, vintage, music instruments to be more precise. Maybe even some 1950’s Gibson Les Paul, or grandpa’s entire drum-set. If you share grandparents’ music affection, we say it is very worth checking out before spending huge money to buy such instruments online.

Those were the things which can be found on almost any attic, but who knows how exciting life your grandparents had and what else may be buried there. So do not be lazy, pay a visit to your grandma and check for yourself.