6 Things That Prevent Us Achieve Top 10 Positions In Google Search Results

Although SEO is a relatively diverse field, it is often about gaining the highest possible position in Google search results. When we have launched our new website, we could be eager to submit it to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. SEO is actually designed to achieve higher rankings at all search engines, but we should make sure Google is prioritized. So, what we should do to make our website appears higher in the top ten rankings? In this case, it is a good idea to consider things that we shouldn’t do. Here are mistakes that may cause us ranked lower in the search results.

  1. Submitting our website to thousands of directories: In reality, submitting our website to thousands of unrelated websites could do us more harm than good. It would be better to focus on a few niche directories that are relevant to our topic. It is an absolutely bad idea to use those mass subscription tools, because Googlebots will consider our new website as spammy if it gains thousands of new inbound links instantly.
  2. Participating in linking schemes: Search engines are always enhanced everyday and any link schemes can be easily detected by correlating between sites that are involved in such a scheme. Link co-ops, webrings, link farms and other antiquated link building methods will only hurt our website.
  3. Using duplicate contents: Creating unique content may not be so difficult, but it could be time consuming and many website owners think that it isn’t worth the time. There are many thousands of websites out there who may share the same articles with us and Google will easily detect it. Instead, we should always try to add fresh content, even if we could only make one short article each day. Googlebots really love fresh, unique contents.
  4. Using blackhat tactics: It is a sad fact that many highly experienced webmasters are still using stupid techniques that are supposedly could provide higher positions in search rankings. These acts can be very harmful and we will not only be ranked lower, but can also be banned completely from search engines.
  5. Stuffing our website with keywords: If we want our website to rank well, we should avoid stuffing it with so many keywords. In this case, we should only use a 5 percent proportion of keywords to content ratio. This will keep our website copy fresh and entertaining to readers.
  6. Repeating the same keywords: Using the same few keywords over and over again will not look so natural. In this case, we should consider adding multiple secondary keywords that are related to our primary ones. It would be a good idea to create a few slightly off-topic webpages that are still related to our main topics, but different enough to provide new diversions for users. Our incoming links must be properly spread across different topics, so Google will consider them as natural progression.