6 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Criminal Lawyer Toronto

Legal system is very harsh on those who are charged of criminal activities. Unless proven innocent, the sentencing would range from heavy penalties to years of imprisonment based on the level of the crime. But, the greatness of the Canadian law is an individual is innocent to the moment he is proven guilty. This gives an opportunity for the accused to hire a criminal lawyer in Toronto and prove innocence. However, there are many lawyers and firms making it difficult to make a choice. The following information is intended to help with getting a clear idea about the selection of the lawyer.


Unfortunately, there are quite a few law firms that are fake and do not have properly educated lawyers. Therefore, knowing about the education of the lawyer is the first thing to do. A criminal lawyer Toronto must be graduated in any recognized universities or colleges with considerable grades. Then, he or she has to be approved by the Bar council to practice as a lawyer.


A lawyer with the experience of the field is very important. One may have many cases but they should be familiar with the current case. In other words, the lawyer needs to know about the case and if he doesn’t then experience does not matter. So, find a defense attorney who is capable of handling a particular case and in experienced in the same.


There is no restriction for a lawyer to have acquired all the certificates from Canada. But, one thing that is certain that every University provides certifications to the students. One can ask a Toronto criminal law firm about the certificates acquired by a certain lawyer. Remember that it would be great if the lawyer has specialized in criminal law.

Who handles the case?

During the first interview the individual would always confront the main attorney belonging to a firm. But, when the actual process starts some other lawyer with relatively experience will handle the case. Ensure that the criminal lawyer in Toronto who first appeared stays till the end. In this way, the case would be strong and in the hands of one capable person.


Observe how the lawyer interacts when there is such a situation. Some lawyers are very quiet and go about their business. But, when it comes to handling the client they would take care that they provide moral and emotional support. This should be added with the updates for the trial.


Unless there is a big surprise when investigating, the lawyer would know about the outcome of the case during the initial hearing from the client. No matter the Toronto criminal law firm and the lawyer, these things are easily predicted. But, some try to conceal this fact which is a bad practice. Select a lawyer who is frank with the possible outcome.

Apart from these one could check the availability and fee of the lawyer. These factors would help to eliminate any bad choices and get to select the right criminal defense lawyer.