7 Cool Gadgets To Get Your Kid This Holiday Season

 The holiday shopping season is already in full swing, and you once again find yourself not having a clue what to buy for your son or daughter. The market for gifts suitable for children has never been this diverse, leaving the parents faced with a conundrum: how to choose a safe, age-appropriate, and high-quality present that a child will get a lot of use out of.

Luckily for you, we’ve prepared an eclectic mix of suggestions, with everything from educational toys to gadgets that’ll help your child unleash their creativity – all at prices that won’t break the bank!

1.       Amazon Fire, Kids Edition

The first item on our list is a compete no-brainer: a tablet that’s tailor-made for children, and that comes complete with free access to all the kid-friendly books, shows, and movies your kid will ever need. This Amazon offering will be easy on the bank account, and best of all, it includes a two-year, no-questions-asked guarantee!

2.       Grush – The Gaming Toothbrush

Getting their child to brush their teeth is a constant source of worry for every parent. This revolutionary toothbrush links up with a tablet to ensure a perfect, fun-filled brushing experience – and it’s affordably priced, too. This is one gift that both the child and the parents will love.

3.       Digital Microscope

Long gone are the days when you couldn’t afford to foster your child’s scientific curiosity: you can now get digital microscopes equipped with LEDs and capable of powerful magnification for under $50! This gift is sure to make your child realize just how much fun science can be.

4.       Gameband + Minecraft

A wearable device and a way to play Minecraft wherever you go? If your child loves the popular world-building game, he or she will definitely love the Gameband, a stylish wristband with an LED display that doubles as a storage space for the game itself. The Gameband will back up all of your kid’s Minecraft worlds, items, and characters, making it the gift of choice for any child who’s crazy about this game.

5.       Primo

This “physical programming interface” is more than just a toy; it’s a child’s first foray into the world of coding. Consisting of a set of color-coded programming blocks, complete with a programming board, and a robot named Cubetto that can be programmed with them, this nifty gadget will teach your children basic programming logic – without them even realizing they’re playing with what is essentially a computer.

6.       GoldieBlox Construction Toys

If you want a toy that’ll boost your child’s spatial skills and problem-solving abilities, look no further than these innovative construction kits. There is a colorful variety of themed sets for you to choose from, most of which include a beautiful storybook. Building things has never been this enjoyable.

7.       Quadcopters

Last, but by no means least – the quadcopter! These personal flying machines are currently taking the world by storm, and any child would be lucky to have them. If you thought that quadcopters are only for grown-ups, think again: these days, there are various affordable quadcopter models on the market that are perfect for kids and adults alike. A quadcopter is more than just a fun toy – in the creative hands of a child, it can be a fantastic vehicle for aerial exploration and discovery. The right model will bring your kid unmatched fun.