7 Things To Remember When Getting Divorced

The end of a relationship causes many problems, the emotional storms are peppered with serious financial implications, changes in living arrangements, how to parent in a split family and of course the legal process of divorce itself. Knowing the key stages of divorce and the legal obligations that come with it will help to put a framework in place as well as help with any decisions that have to be made. There is no doubt that being informed will help. Taking professional advice and employing a solicitor will ease this difficult and sad process.

  1. No one ever ‘wins’ in a divorce case. Children will always suffer the most, custody and parental responsibility is harsh and despite the heat of the situation, the children should always come first. Mediation is worth considering as it will help you to think through decisions more carefully and thoughtfully with the help of a professional.
  2. Never make impulsive decisions always think through each and every one. Does your family home need to be sold? Will your child/ren need to move school? Who has custody? These are life changing decisions for everyone and with potential consequences. Being considered is paramount for the health and well-being of everyone.
  3. Every divorce has a different set of issues so rely on a professional lawyer or financial consultant rather than friends or family’s experience. They after all will know every legal detail that needs to be adhered too.
  4. Using a mediator is a good way to come to mutual agreements with the help of a third party.
  5. Working with a lawyer rather than heading straight to court will keep the costs of a divorce down. No one wants their assets to be shrivelled up in costly negotiations, so be prepared to compromise. By using mediation and collaboration it is possible to negotiate each issue bit by bit. It means that the divorcing couple can make their own decisions. This may be particularly useful when looking at how to co-parent any children.
  6. Your solicitor will be able to guide you through the process without the need for emotion however you should always be honest with them, without the key facts they will not be able to work with you to get the best results. Be transparent with income and assets as well as any ongoing issues you may have such as debt or abuse. They will be able to advice you properly on the costs involved as well as the time scale of the proceedings.
  7. Make an inventory of everything in the house with accompanying photographs, this will help when dividing up any items of value. Get the value estimated by a professional and keep these documents together. Alway keep copies of any other important documents such as pre-nuptial agreements, your solicitor will need all of these. They will be able to discuss all of your options with you and enable you to comprehend where you stand. Not only that they will explain your rights as well as your spouses and help to make the divorce as stress free as possible.

Harry Price is a writer from the south coast, with wife and 3 dogs.  They all love the outdoors life and love nothing more than a long walk by the sea, especially on a wet and windy day.