A Comparison Between Self-Catering Accommodations and An All-Inclusive Holiday: Which To Choose?

Everyone needs a holiday now and again, and that’s a well-deserved break. However, planning that holiday and making sure you get the best deal for you and your family – making sure that you can stretch your budget as far as possible whilst enjoying the most that your destination has to offer – is not always easy.

An all-inclusive holiday may seem like a good option for many people, but that’s usually because they haven’t experienced the advantages of self-catering accommodations yet. The old-fashioned ways of getting some quality time are long over, and the market has changed. Planning to take your family on a break? Here’s a comparison between self-catering accommodations and an all-inclusive holiday: which to choose?

The Menu

You’d be surprised at how much a little snack here, a drink there, and a treat left and right costs – add it all up for a period of a couple of days, even a week, and you end up spending much more than you actually need. The all-inclusive holiday may seem attractive in this regard, but the truth is that you have very little control over what you will be offered. Often it’s safer to go for the self-catering option; that way you can decide what to eat, when you want it, and how you want it – also at a minimum of cost as you can try cheaper local restaurants or prepare your meals with ingredients bought in local supermarkets (at a much more economical price).

The Experience

If you go all-inclusive, you are automatically restricted to a schedule if you want to make the most of your money. By choosing self-catering, your schedule is arranged by yourself, and this allows you the freedom to go on excursions, stay away for the whole day, and plan your holiday as you want it to be.

Freedom of Space

Self-catering holidays are bound to provide you with larger accommodations than hotel rooms, in that they afford you a lot more space and a lot more privacy within that space (your kids are more likely to get their own bedrooms in comparison with all-inclusive spaces).

Your Destination

Of course, you have to consider the location; you have to make sure that the place you go to has good accommodations. If you are not familiar with the location (say, Egypt or Morocco), you may be better served in a hotel. However, if you know you’re going to a trusted place, such as London or Edinburgh, then self-catering apartments in Edinburgh or apartments in London may be your best bet.

There are too many advantages and benefits to self-catering accommodations for you not to check them out – they offer freedom, more space, more privacy, and are (in general) a lot more economical, especially if you are traveling with a group or family.