A Few Things You Should Know About The Government Engineering Institutes In Bangalore

Candidates willing to pursue engineering studies are often faced with the dilemma regarding which engineering college they should enrol in. Additionally, there are numerous private and government run engineering colleges, in India. Here again, the question arises, regarding which would be a better option, a private engineering college or a government one. Thus, the dilemma of the students only increases, when it comes to selecting a suitable engineering college. One of the methods by which you can resolve these dilemmas would be, by checking out the reviews and rankings of various engineering colleges, provided by online youth forums. If you consult and evaluate the rankings provided by a youth forum, maintained by a renowned newspaper, you can be assured of the authenticity of the information. You can get specific information about the government engineering colleges, in educational hubs like Pune, Bangalore and New Delhi, from such online youth forums.  Nevertheless, some of the essential features and the subsequent advantages of government engineering colleges have been discussed below.

  1. Eligibility criteria

Government engineering colleges have specific eligibility criteria that candidates must meet, in order to get admission. For each department of an engineering college, there are a definite number of seats. The college administration and faculty will select candidates, for each department based on their respective performance, in the state level engineering entrance tests. In order to be selected by a government engineering colleges in Bangalore, you will have to achieve high scores in the state level engineering examinations, the Common Entrance Test, held by the Karnataka Examinations Authority. If you want to enrol for a post-graduate course in engineering, then you will have to achieve high scores in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), held by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) or the Post Graduate CET (PGCET). Here too your rank will decide, your chances of getting admitted in an engineering college, for post-graduation, in Bangalore.

  1. Seats reservation

Usually, in government engineering colleges in India, there are seats reserved for scheduled caste, tribe and other backward caste candidates. If you are looking for government, engineering institutions in Bangalore then check the number of seats in the individual departments of the institutes. The total number of seats available often depends upon the infrastructural facilities available in the college. Sometimes colleges also have seats reserved for candidates under sports quota, differently abled and other such categories. So visit the college website and check out the number of seats available, under various quotas to apply accordingly.

  1. Tuition fees

It has been observed that tuition fees for government engineering colleges are significantly lower than that of private colleges. The primary reason behind this is that government colleges usually receive financial support, from the Universities Grants Commission (UGC),. Additionally, many government colleges provide scholarship facilities, which deserving candidates can avail of.  You can apply for the specific scholarships provided, by the colleges individually, as well as, for the ones given by the respective university. Thus, in spite of being a technical field, you can extensively reduce your tuition fees, by qualifying for the scholarships provided by the engineering college or the university.

Enrolling in a good government-run engineering college is not only a matter of pride but also one that will reduce your educational expenses extensively. Most government engineering colleges also provide hostel facilities, for candidates hailing from other states of India. Hence, if you are looking forward to enrolling in an engineering institute in Bangalore, it is advisable that you choose a government engineering college, but only after you have checked out its ranking and facilities provided, from a well acknowledged online youth forum.