A Guide To Buying Climbing Frames For Small Gardens

Kids love to climb. They also love to swing, slide and climb some more, so choosing the perfect climbing frame is important. If you have a smaller garden, you may feel restricted in your style choice, but doing your research will enable you to find a frame that fits your space perfectly.


It goes without saying, but you must measure your garden space perfectly before choosing a climbing frame. Take care to leave extra space where the swings will be moving or where the slide comes out to ensure that it will fit. Drawing up a floor plan may help decide on the space needed for your chosen climbing frame. It might also be worth factoring in any additional modules that you may want to add to the frame once your children get older as this will make your investment last even longer.

Picking a style

Choosing among the children’s wooden climbing frames and metal frames available and then deciding which modules to include can be a difficult task. Scientists have even developed a robotic moving climbing frame that searches playgrounds for children to play with it, although this may be taking your search a step too far. Think about what your children prefer. Do they love to swing, or is the slide their favourite piece of playground equipment?

A Guide To Buying Climbing Frames For Small Gardens

Choosing your seller

Once you know what you’d like your climbing frame to include, you need to look for a seller. Do not just go for the cheapest option as you may end up substituting quality to save a few pennies. Look at websites with children’s wooden climbing frames, preferably those that have plenty of reviews for you to compare. Some companies will even allow you to design your own frame complete with accessories.


Most climbing frame suppliers will offer an installation service. However, if you prefer to install it yourself, you need to remember a few things. First, check the contents to make sure that all parts have arrived. There’s nothing worse than building half of a frame before realising that you can’t complete it due to missing parts! Follow the instructions, stay calm and take your time. Then you can sit back and relax whilst your little ones enjoy their new climbing frame.