A Happy Community – The Primary Objective In Life

It is said that home, is a child’s first school;  if it is so, then ideally the primary objective of every parent should be to provide the best things in life to the child, not just food, shelter, clothing, but a healthy living environment as well. This environment surely includes your community and hence you see that the building and development of a healthy community turns out to be one of the basic necessities of life.

Now in order to maintain this kind of community you have to put in time and effort to making it the way you want it to be. This perhaps should be reason enough for you to encourage your children as well to live a life dedicated to others in your society and your life. The common trend among most people is to be selfish and self centered but caring a little for others so that you yourself can be benefited perhaps warps the harshness of the word ‘selfish’.

The Westside Family Church in Kansas has deep faith in whatever Jesus Christ taught and one of those teachings that has become the driving force of their lives is ‘service of others’. They do not consider having material privileges to be the ultimate aim of life, to them being of help to the more needy and deprived lot of people makes a worthwhile life.

It is thus that they relentlessly work towards the noble cause of giving assistance in redeeming the lives of the HIV and AIDS afflicted, the starving, the malnutritioned, and the homeless in places like Africa, India and Thailand/Laos. They do not consider any human or any work inferior and always remember that God has created each human in “His own image and likeness”. It is therefore every individual’s responsibility to make sure that his fellow humans are also living a comfortable and happy life.

Caring for others is not a difficult task; all you need is a humble and understanding heart like the members of the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS. They believe in not just having a life of faith in Jesus but living it out by following the Biblical verses. They have based their lives on every word of Jesus and are hence extremely happy and content with whatever they have in life. This is what perhaps encourages them to work for others more and more.

One thing that every human needs to understand that food, clothing, shelter and in the modern times education, are the only things you require for survival. Hence when you know you have these things and if they are in surplus, you need to be thankful to God and show gratitude to him by helping others attain the same basic requirements so that they in turn can be grateful to God, their Creator.

Rubbing off your ‘sole’ and in the bid your ‘soul’, to gather material and earthly riches will never give you a joyful life, but service to others and the urge to help build your community will surely do so.

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