A List Of The Top Questions You Should Ask A Live In Care Agency

Finding the right live in care for your loved one entails research. First of all, find out what live in care is all about and how it works, and what kinds of services a live in caregiver can provide. Often, a live in care agency is your best option, as they take care of all arrangements and are responsible for providing the caregiver with the proper training. Also, with a live in care agency, you are more assured of 24-hour care and cover any time you need it.

But before you enlist the services of the first live in care agency you come across, you should make it a point to ask them a few important questions first.

Questions you should ask the live in care agency

There are many pertinent questions you should ask a prospective live in care agency that will help you determine if their service is right for your loved one’s needs. For one, you should ask them if they personally interview their carers and if their carers provide them with references. You should also ask if their carers’ criminal records are checked, and if they can provide your loved one with a regular or main carer.

Another important question you should ask the live in care agency is what kind of training they provide for their caregivers, and how often their training is updated as well. You should also ask the agency what would happen if the main carer cannot reach your loved one due to extreme weather or extreme traffic conditions (this is especially important if your loved one is in an out-of-reach or remote location).

Practical questions about the agency’s service

There are also some practical questions you should ask the agency regarding their service. These are as follows:

  • Can you provide me with a standard written agreement or contract for hiring live in caregivers? Can you present me with a copy of this contract?
  • How much do you charge per hour? Also, do you have a minimum charge, such as the minimum amount of hours a carer should be working every week?
  • How can I settle payment for the service? Does it require a cheque or can it be done by direct debit or other payment methods? How often do you expect payment (per week or per month)?
  • Are there any additional charges for the service? (Remember that the price quoted by the live in care agency would often already include contributions to National Insurance, travel expenses, and VAT).

It is also important to ask the agency offering care at home whom you can contact in case you have problems with the carer or the service. This way, you will know what to do if the service doesn’t satisfy your expectations.