A List Of Top Considerations For The Perfect Granite Worktop For Your Kitchen

There are some major considerations, many of them technical, which you have to remember when choosing a granite worktop for your kitchen. These would include the size of your kitchen, the way the granite slab is cut and fitted, and more. But aside from those technical details, you also have to think about certain design elements that would certainly contribute to the ideal granite worktop for your needs. Here are a few:

Granite Colours

You should know that granite worktops are often available in different colours, from basic white to blue, black, red, and even a more dramatic hue like gold. This range in colours could either make your choice easier or make it a bit more difficult. But what you should also know is that you can choose a granite worktop colour in two shades – you don’t have to limit yourself to one. You can choose a different colour for your kitchen’s counters underneath the cupboards and a different granite worktop colour for your kitchen island, for instance. Also, if you would like to accentuate a particular feature or accessory, you can choose a granite worktop colour which complements this as well.

The Patterns of Granite

There are also three standard patterns for granite worktops: marbled, solid, and speckled. Keep in mind that if you choose a solid granite worktop without a distinctive pattern, this could actually make your kitchen look bigger and less ‘busy.’ Speckled or marbled granite worktops are more ideal for larger, airier kitchens.

Marble-patterned granite worktops can add a subtle elegance to your kitchen as they have a similar look to real and authentic marble stone. Granite worktops in a speckled pattern, on the other hand, look more dramatic and can add variety to your worktop when it comes to texture and colour. If you have plain cabinetry or kitchen appliances in stainless steel, a speckled granite worktop is often a great choice.

The Granite Finish

Granite worktops also come in two kinds of finishes: glossy or honed. With a honed finish, you have a worktop similar in finish to ‘matte,’ whilst with a glossy finish, your worktop can appear shinier and, as the name implies, glossier. You have to consider the finish that would best suit your kitchen and its elements as well. It would be worth noting that glossy finishes pair best with smaller kitchens, as the finish tends to reflect more light.

When it comes to worktops, regardless if you opt for a granite one or end up with a quartz worktop (quartz worktops London from J.R. Stone are also a very popular and worthwhile choice) it is important to know more about your options so you can make the best choice in the end.