A New Approach In Understanding Black Hole

Many have questioned where black holes will lead to. Some may say that any object will become disperse into very small particles when it enters the black hole and combines with the dead star itself. However, it is also believed that black hole has so much gravitational pull that it tears the fabric of space and it can lead us to a different universe. If true, it is possible that our own universe is actually a black hole with a portal that’s located in a different universe. If true, that universe must be infinitely larger than our own and it would be a mind-boggling fact if we take this more seriously.

When an object, including a spaceship with its crew enters a black hole, it could become so compressed that it is no longer in our own dimension of space and time. This could also mean that the spaceship is no longer exists in the current physical reality and it has entered a new plane of reality. That’s the reason why some people believe that black hole is a portal to a different plane, although there’s no guarantee the spaceship will emerge at the other side in one piece. There’s also a possibility that the spaceship and the crew will be destroyed and emerge as sub-atomic particles.

Wormhole is the term used for any connection between separate planes of existences. However, wormholes are notoriously small and unstable and they could be present for a fraction of second before disappears. Because it is believed that light can’t escape the black hole, then other things, including our own consciousness may not be able to escape as well. Although our body disperse, our spiritual consciousness, if it is really exists, will also emerge at the other side. If a person is still alive when he is about to enter the boundary of black hole, or the event horizon, time dilation could take place.

In this case, the person will see that everything in his originating universe moves much faster. A short duration of time near the black hole could be equal to billions of light years in the normal universe. In this case, time will expand when the space compresses. From a physical point of view, the space inside the black hole has collapsed and the progression of time in it becomes much slower. As it nears the singularity, or an area where the gravitational pull becomes infinite, the physical time is nearly frozen based on our perspective. This would mean that the time has stopped very deep inside the black hole.

Black hole is still a very mysterious part of the universe because it relates directly to the infinity itself. It started when a very large star collapses and becomes much slower than the original size. When it shrinks, the gravitational pull becomes stronger on the ever shrinking surface of the star. The light that it radiates start to bend as it is pulled by the gravity. Eventually, the light itself fails to escape as the star reaches to the point where the gravitational pull becomes too immense.