Accidents – What Is The Different Between Motorcycle and Car Accidents

Accidents are lethal and can lead to severe despair. Every year thousands of people die or get badly injured in road accidents. Accidents that happen with cars filled with passengers and the one with solo motorcyclist has a great difference but also have certain similarities with type and degree of injuries suffered by victims.

In this article, we will learn what the major differences between cars and motorcycle accidents are. While comparing the accidents between motorcycle and car, the main difference is the approach towards each one of those. Each one is different with unique facts. Each accident requires different analysis and different precaution.

Statistics for Motorcycle Accidents:

  • Death probability in a motorcycle accident is nearly thirty times higher than deaths caused by car accidents.
  • Injuries to a motorcycle driver are more significant than sustained by a car driver, because motorcyclists are not insulated by the internal structure of an automobile.
  • Motorcyclists below the age of 40 are almost 30 times more likely to have fatal injuries than car drivers of the same age.
  • Eighty percent of motorcycle accidents leads to either injury or death as compared to car accidents which are low at 20%
  • One of the basic differences is that car comes with several safety measures like a seatbelt, and airbags and the fact that they run on more stable four wheels. In contrast, motorcycles do have any of the features available.

Statistics for Car Accidents:

  • According to the study, there are approximately over twelve million car accidents annually involving twenty million vehicles.
  • As per some studies, car accidents at as a slow speed of 5 mph can lead to fatal cervical and neck injuries, and few other studies confirm 10 mph.
  • Victims of car accidents will still have visible symptoms for over six months of crash
  • According to Highway Traffic Road administration, nearly 28% of passengers of car accidents suffers moderate to minor injuries. 6% passengers sustain fatal or severe injuries.
  • Department of Transportation shared the estimates that an average car driver will be somehow involved in the certain type of car accident in every six years. Drivers will be prone to have a close call nearly once or twice per month.

Road accidents happen almost every day and there are few things, which can help reduce fatalities and injuries in such accidents. While motorcycles are small, the motorcyclist should wear leather or bright clothes to be more noticeable. One of the most important rules is to wear a helmet. Helmet with protective goggles should be worn for road safety.

Car drivers should adhere to wearing a seatbelt because the risk of bringing ejected from the car during the accident can lead to fatal injury. In addition to that, some cars have extra added protection from roll cage preventing traumatic injuries to head.

If you are injured or know anyone, who has experienced fatal injuries in an accident, then hiring a personal attorney would provide the best solution to get compensation and understand the difference.