Advantages of Choosing Solar As Your Primary Source of Energy

Ever since people realized that fossil fuels won’t last forever, they have looked for effective and appropriate alternatives. It has been long since established that fossil fuel reservoirs will be completely exhausted one day. Henceforth, people are looking for efficient ways to harness alternative sources of energy. After all, it will help in creating a source which can serve as the new and long-lasting lifeline of world energy consumption, minus the environmental concerns.

How solar energy is utilized?

Sun generates about 35000 times greater energy than the energy production and consumption of all human beings. Earth reflects back a certain part of Sun’s energy into the space, whereas some part of this energy is captivated by the planet’s atmosphere. After some research, people realized that the absorbed energy is useful for applications like lighting bulbs, running aircrafts and automobiles, heating homes, etc., if harnessed properly.

Today, solar energy is harnessed in the forms of heat and electricity. Technologies like photovoltaic solar cells are used for generating electricity from the solar radiation. These systems are eco-friendly, don’t produce greenhouse gases and don’t require direct sunlight for energy production. First heat is produced from the captured solar energy, after which steam is produced for powering generators and running them. This then generates clean electricity.

Advantages of using solar energy

There are several motivations which inspire people to choose solar energy over other forms of energy for different applications. These motivations are basically advantages of this green energy 2016 and include durability, lesser interruptions, fixed energy costs, sound investment, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using solar energy:

  • You can sell the excess amount of solar energy produced at your electricity grid at a good price. It is a good source of income as you can efficiently make some money out of it.
  • Solar energy makes various home improvements, such as hot tubs and swimming pools, affordable for people.
  • You don’t have to worry about increase in energy costs as they remain same in case of solar energy till your PPA agreement ends.
  • Solar energy can be used throughout a day. It is usually produced in excess amount during mornings and afternoons. This excess amount can be successfully stored in the production grid and used in evenings and nights, when sunlight is not available.
  • Lots of government incentives for solar energy have come into existence, such as net metering decrees, direct subsidies, loans with low interest, government standards for minimum energy usage and tax incentives. Wise use of these incentives will certainly provide great benefits to consumers.
  • Consumers don’t have to depend on fossil fuels, which are expensive and limited in nature. Once you get a properly configured and well-sized solar system, electricity supply will automatically become more convenient and cost-effective for you.
  • Useful solar modules have made the uses of solar energy more versatile and scalable.
  • Solar energy has certain amount of flexibility because of reduced requirements for transportation and production infrastructure.

Solar power doesn’t hurt the environment through harmful emissions and provide a futuristic, clean and renewable energy.  It is also a solid investment when it comes to home improvements as it assists in monthly money savings and increases your house’s property value.