Alternatives To Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors have become an extremely popular choice for homeowners in recent years, and for good reason. Bi-folding doors give threshold- free access between the inside and outside of your home; a ‘concertina wall’ that can be completely folded away.

However they are not for everybody, depending on the size, layout and style of your space a different door design may be better suited. If you are looking for something a bit different, whether it be a revamp of a classic or the latest in cutting edge design, check out the following alternatives for inspiration.

Twist on a Classic

There is a reason the French patio doors have stuck around for all these years. They are simple, they are affordable and they work, as the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Swing patio doors don’t require the same amount of wall space as bi-folding doors and are therefore the practical choice for most homes. A French door also provides easy access in and out of your home without fully opening up your home to the elements.

If you however want to put a contemporary spin on a classic, why not install a sleek aluminium patio door. With a wide range of colours available you could opt for a minimalist black or grey that would create an interesting juxtaposition with a traditional home, or go for a bolder primary colour to make a striking statement.

Single Door

If you don’t require the easy transition between outdoor and indoor living space, (and if we are being honest the great British weather doesn’t lend itself to outdoor living!) you may consider a single access door with a complimentary surrounding window configuration. With this option you are still allowing for an injection of natural light into your home with a view to your outside space, without losing the easy access.

Talk through your space and the ideal look you want to create with the company who is designing and manufacturing your windows and doors; they will be able to create a bespoke configuration perfectly suited to you.

Pivoting Doors

A visually interesting alternative to the bi-folding door is a pivoting door. Turning on a 90 degree to connect the interior to the garden, they create a clean silhouette when shut as there is no need for a hinged fame.

Sliding Doors

After the bi-fold, sliding doors are the most popular option when looking to bring the outside in, and with good reason. The sliding door typically costs slightly more but it has an advantage in the fact that the large panes of glass provide an uninterrupted outlook on your outdoor space. Whereas the very nature of a bi-folding door requires a large amount of framework that can break up your view when closed. Furthermore while the bi-folding door requires space to accommodate the door frame when folded, a sliding door only needs to width of the frame, proving popular with homeowners with limited space.

So whether you want uninterrupted views, easy access to your garden or a simple classic look for your home, there are plenty of alternatives to bi-folding doors available to suit any need.