Baking Soda And Vinegar Are Not Universal Cleaners

Before you close the page because you’re convinced baking soda and vinegar are the ultimate cleaners and you can sue then in the entire house, let me tell you they’re not. I also prefer to use homemade green recipes but sometimes you can’t use those two ingredients. Moreover there are other alternatives to vinegar and baking soda like lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. Without further delay here are the cases in which I strongly advise you to use alternative cleaners. You can use these cleaners to clean your mattress or carpet.

When Not To Use Baking Soda

Some people say baking soda helps if you’re suffering from heartburn, but I spoke with my doctor and he said it is only a temporary solution which can be sued as a last resort. Another homemade recipe I came across is about making a toothpaste with baking soda, essential oil and hydrogen peroxide. At first it seemed wonderful, but after I did a little research this homemade remedy can be dangerous for your mouth health.

First let’s take hydrogen peroxide, it is colourless weak acid which serves as disinfectant but if you use it for too long it can kill all bacteria in your mouth. Unfortunately this will make you vulnerable to infections. As for the baking soda it will soon peel off the tooth enamel which is really bad. I have nothing to say for the essential oil because the above statements are enough to dissuade you from the idea of making your own toothpaste, at least with these ingredients.

Another recipe I came across is the one in which you use baking soda for acne. I really feel sorry for the poor girls which have already used it. As you know it is an alkaline and neutralizes acids including your natural ones. This favours the development of acne bacteria and instead of clean face you end up looking for products against acne. In every baking soda article I have came across there is a paragraph in which it is explained that you can use it as refrigerator freshener.