Basics On Google-Focused SEO

As far as search engines are concerned, Google can be considered the authority in the industry. It is a fact that they unofficially “own” the Internet and the whole world is relaying on systems that Google has tailored for them. While it is quite common today, Google’s search engine algorithm was quite revolutionary when it was first released. It slowly secured the top spot in the search engine industry. For this reason, any SEO campaign should include a Google-focused approach that can help us to gain better ranking positions in Google’s search ranking.

Googlebot or Google’s crawler is properly designed to choose on specific keywords. When people use Google, they type in keywords or keyphrases and Google uses a complicated, but powerful mechanism that index websites based on these words. Google will display results based on relevance and any optimization method should include a consideration what Google searches most. In general, Google relies on inbound links to determine the relevance of a website. Inbound links are links that go t our website and they are placed on different websites.

Genuine inbound links should be created by complete strangers who find that our website is interesting. When we decide to optimize our website, we should consider accommodating the Google crawlers and there are practical ways to do that. The most obvious way to gain respect from Google is by creating unique, killer content. There’s no workaround and it is a very important fact. In fact, people who genuinely build websites for the sake of content creation on specific topics, tend to be more successful than those who deliberately look for income through advertising and link building.

In this case, we should consider boosting our PageRank by making people more interested in our content. Higher PageRank could only be achieved by adding more links to our website. Google doesn’t really recommend us to create our own inbound links at others’ websites and the whole process should be quite natural. In fact, Google will be quite suspicious to new websites that seem to generate links quickly in a short time span. High quality inbound links could be gathered by making sure that people are interested in adding new links to our website.

In this case, inbound links should be considered as a democratic expression in the online world and they are actually the votes of confidence. When we get many natural, high quality inbound links, then people are actually more interested in our content. They have more confidence in using our website as an online resources and references. While new websites can be indexed within hour, it actually requires enough inbound links to get our websites indexed higher in the search results. It is always advantageous to get our website indexed higher in Google’s algorithm. More traffic will be generated and higher traffic is actually a factor that pushes us further in the search ranking. When we have started to receive more than one thousand of organic visitor each day, then it is probably a good time to start adding advertising in our website.