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Becoming A Pro Wrestler: 3 Basic Tricks To Master

Wrestling is one of the most popular sports with the highest number of fans worldwide and the fans are freaking obsessed with the moves. Every famous professional wrestler out there is recognized for their ability to employ some set of techniques to take down or beat their opponents. Freshman wrestlers learn the basic moves at the rudiments or elementary stages of their career. It is only later that out of the experience they have acquired, they develop their own style.

If your dream is to become a pro wrestler, there is just no two ways to go about it- you have to start from the elementary stages just like every professional wrestler, learning the basic skills, techniques and moves that you will be calling into play to develop more sophisticated moves.

Experienced wrestlers spend a good number of years to practice the moves you  see them deliver today, not just to beat their opponents but also to prevent injuries during wrestling. You sure don’t want to sustain an injury that will short live your wrestling career; for that, you might want to master the underlisted basic techniques.

Standing strong and firm

There are two ways to maintain a good stance in wrestling: square and staggered standing techniques. If you are very keen, you would notice that before a wrestling match starts and opponents start launching attack on and defending themselves, they usually maintain a standing position in which the foot of one leg is parallel to the other, while bending on the waist and distributing the weight on the feet. This standing position is termed as square. On the other hand, for the most part, you will also find some wrestlers throwing one foot ahead or in front of the other. More weight would be relaxed on the foot ahead. This move is called staggered stance.

In any case, the mass of the gravity has to be lowered in order to maintain a stronghold and balance. For that, the knees and hips are lower or bent slightly, the body is leaned forward, the chest is set over the knees, the rear is kept at bay, elbows are bent and placed slightly near the torso with hands placed ahead of the body.


Also known as penetrating shot, it allows you  to tear through the defence of your opponent. The best way to deliver a strong penetrating shot is to employ a staggered standing move. In a lowering and bending position, move your body to the foot on your back, advance with the foot ahead by placing it between your opponent’s two feet. This is usually made easy is if your opponent maintains a square stance.

Thereatfer, You have to dive on with the foot ahead, bend and descend on its knees grabbing one of or the two legs of the person you are wrestling against. Stay focus when making the move and aim well for the legs as that will help if you are wrestling a smart opponent that is pretty good at countering penetrating shot attacks.


It is used to pull down an opponent. It can be delivered either through the side or while standing behind a person, placing your hips squarely over your shoulders, wrapping your arms round your opponent’s waist and locking your palms and fingers on their stomach. Move your hips backwards a bit. To lift your opponents of the the mat and put them to the ground, hold them tightly close to you while you lower your body below theirs, push your hips forward driving it into your opponent’s body and keeping your legs straight. Never slam or throw a person off the ground as it is against the rules. Have your opponent safely placed on the mat. And there you go!

Food for thought

You need to stay as smart as possible for any event. You can only perform your moves effectively to get the result you desire if you are using the right wrestling gear. If you are looking for custom made or wrestling singlets at affordable prices, you can find the gear you need from credited wrestling and fitness companies.