Boiler Room Scam Artist Links To Gareth Bale

At this moment in time, it seems as though everything is coming up sunny for Gareth Bale. Even when the Welsh national team lost 2-0 in Bosnia, there were wild celebrations at the end of the game. This is down to the fact that at the same time, the Israeli football team were defeated by Cyprus which meant that even with a game to go in the qualifying group for the 2016 European Championships, Wales could only finish as low as second place. This guaranteed their place in the big summer tournament for next year and it has to be said that the Real Madrid player was at the heart of everything good about the Welsh campaign.

In fact, Wales managed to score 9 goals up to the final game of their campaign and Bale had scored 6 of these goals while grabbing an assist for two of the other goals. This meant that there was only one goal scored by Wales that didn’t have a direct link to the player, who is clearly recognised as one of the best players in the world at the moment. It is not as though having a brilliant player in your team, especially at international level, means that you are going to achieve success. This is certainly something that Wales know all about and there are some people commenting on the fact that Wales have qualified for a major tournament after Ryan Giggs has retired. Mind you, there have also been plenty of people taking great joy in this due to the off-the-field antics and activities of Ryan Giggs. You can debate as to whether Gareth Bale is a better footballer than Ryan Giggs but there is no debating as to who is the better human being, as Bale wins that by a good few miles.

There is a problem facing Bales’ Wedding Plans

However, not everyone and every story around Gareth Bale is squeaky clean. He may have a clean cut image that is approved by marketing agencies and big brands looking to sell their products to children but the father of the girl that Gareth has been dating for a number of years has found himself being denied bail in America. Martin Rhys-Jones has been on remand in new York in America for the past two years. He faces allegations that he carried out a boiler room scam that managed to bring in over £3m. It is alleged that the majority of victims are British.

Bail has been knocked back

The man’s lawyers looked to have Rhys-Jones released on a £150,000 bail citing the fact that there could be another two years in prison before a trial comes up. However, this bid was knocked back after prosecutors managed to argue against it, stating that there was a strong risk of Rhys-Jones skipping bail. The fact that this has already happened, back in 2012 when he had been arrested by the Metropolitan Police before he moved to Spain, indicates that there is a very serious risk of this happening again. The prosecutors also stated that having access to the vast fortunes earned by the Welsh footballer could make it easier for Rhys-Jones to skip bail and evade justice. It was concluded that Bale, as the long term boyfriend of Emma Rhys-Jones could provide financial support which would allow the accused to fight a return to the United States. The fact that Bale earns around £13 a year was more than enough justification for the prosecution to complain about the possibilities of bail skipping occurring.

There has been an impact on Bale and his girlfriend in that they have postponed their wedding in the hope that Rhys-Jones will be able to walk her down the aisle. The couple have known each other since they were youngsters and the pair have a daughter together.  This latest twist in the story means that the couple will need to re-evaluate their wedding plans because it could be a long wait before it is all resolved or until Rhys-Jones is a free man.

The sums of money involved with boiler room scams indicate that there is a great level of scope for people to undertake this crime. The punishment and penalties are high but when it comes to great rewards, many people are willing to take a chance or two when it comes to bringing in money.

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