Boosting Your Muscle Growth – Two Principles to Follow

Are you looking for the best ways to boost the muscle growth? Well, do you think lifting the same weight for the same number of times on a particular exercise will do you good? Then, I would say you are going on a wrong path! Continuously doing the same thing week after week won’t help you boost the muscle growth at all. So, what should you do about this? You must understand the two major principles of boosting the muscle growth. How? Here, at, a team of experts has given you the two major principles that could help you in boosting the muscle growth. Know them here…

Principle 1: For Muscle Training

What is included in your muscle training programs? It is having the concentric and eccentric actions for muscle growth, right? Now, remember that you can gain muscles only by applying the ‘Overload Principle’. In simple terms, we can say that your muscles won’t grow if you are not giving them a good reason to grow. In a muscle growing training, you are bound to put lots of energy. Therefore, if you are not in need of your muscles, then I am sure that your muscles will not grow. This is why I said earlier that if you continue to do the same exercise with same reps week after week, your muscles won’t have a reason to grow. So, what could be done?

The most important criterion to remember is to ‘push yourself’ beyond from where you have been last week. So, what you have to do is to keep increasing your loads from one week to another to gain your muscles effectively. Now, I will tell you the right muscle training process here:

  • Go for two or three exercises for each of your body part
  • In this, do three or four sets per exercise
  • And, do six to eight repetitions for each of these sets

Which are the best moves for boosting your muscle growth? See here:

  • Bench press
  • Standing barbell press
  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • Chin up

Principle 2: Nutrition and Rest

In order to boost the muscle growth, it’s important for you to follow an everyday diet of at least 36 kilocalories per kg of your body weight. This diet should contain 100% of recommended amounts of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Therefore, I would recommend you to take three good meals in a day along with some shakes that are rich in protein in between your meals. Not only this, you must also drink sufficient amounts of water. By drinking at least one gallon of water in a day would make your muscles look fuller.

The next thing you must keep in your mind is the rest. You must give enough rest for your muscles in order for it to grow. This would mean that you must not train a single group of muscles more than one time in a week. So, for example, if you are training your chest muscles on the first day, go for biceps on the second day, abs on the third day, and so on…