Brilliant Business Leader With Outstanding Corporate Vision

All iconic business leaders have a corporate vision of where they will take their business enterprises. They see their businesses as an extension of themselves and dream of taking it to astonishing heights in the industry in which they operate. Such entrepreneurs start their business enterprises based on an idea of exploiting a shortage in the market and turning it into a profitable commercial venture. These unique individuals have a vision of where they will take their enterprises and make it their mission to take it there. Regardless of the market environment in which they operate, they will overcome all obstacles to ensure that their enterprises enjoy the competitive advantage in such market.

William Lauder is one such outstanding entrepreneur, whose corporate vision has been catalysts in helping a corporate enterprise break all geographical barriers and become a prominent name in the international cosmetic industry. William Lauder’s grandmother, Mrs. Estee established the Estee Lauder Corporation in 1946 with her husband. Mrs. Estee Lauder noticed there was a lack of quality skincare products that were free from allergens in the cosmetic industry at that time.

Determined to turn this shortage in the market into a profitable commercial venture, she entered the cosmetic industry with only four high quality products. She had a corporate vision of providing chemical-free skincare products to her customers and made it her mission to provide such products. The quality of her products along with her exemplary entrepreneurial skills propelled the company to become a name reckon with in the American cosmetic industry within two decades.

Inspired by his grandmother’s success story in the American cosmetic industry, William Lauder had a corporate vision of taking the Estee Lauder Corporation to the international arena. This begun the William Lauder affair with the company. His association with the company began in 1986 when he was responsible for nine specialty premium brands. He personally implemented a number of innovative marketing and promotional strategies to ensure that these products were an instant success in this arena. He also personally handled the marketing and promotion of many new products that were also best sellers in the international market.

In his mission to provide high quality products like his grandmother did, William Lauder masterminded a number of innovative marketing strategies like the concept of a store within a store. This concept fundamentally changed the nature of marketing in the cosmetic industry in many ways.His innovative strategies also revolutionized and streamlined the online management activities of the Estee Lauder Corporation. The William Lauder affair with the Estee Lauder company helped the customers in a great way as they could easily place an order for their products without going outdoors.