Buy The Attractive Smartphone from HTC One M10 With Advanced Features

HTC One M10 is one of the best smart phone that in the series of HTC One M series. The specifications, Price, release date and features are explained using the previous of this mobile that is HTC One M9. In the Industry of Android thereare lots of competitions increasing every day. More number of companies is launching more new smart phones. Some of the companies are launchingthe flagshipsmart phones. Recently the HTC mobile company launched their new mobile thatis HTC One M9. The Smartphone is so beautiful and ithas the amazing features and specifications. Considering the HTC One M10 it is more advanced than the previousversion HTC One M9.

Features of HTC One M10:

HTC Company is working hard for making their new smart phones with lots of advanced features which is better and also for increasing the mobile sales, becausethere are more competitions are increasing every day.HTC isstill developing more advances in the smart phone for giving the dream smart phones for the users.The newversionof the HTC is HTC One M10 it will be the killerSmartphone. HTC is presently putting more effort for establishing their company in the market and it is always in the leading place with the best brand name. Compare to the other brand of smart phones like Appleand Samsung andthe grand series such as Galaxy Note Series, Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone Series.After launching and marketing the HTC One M9 the company got lots of profits from this Smartphone. Now they are going to launch their new smart phone with many advancedversions that is HTC One M10.Lots of peopleare waiting to buy this new mobile.Within ashort period of time the HTC One M10 will be released.

Specification of New Version of HTC:

The new  version of the HTC mobile which is ready for launching have some advanced specification,compare to the older version HTC One M9. The Display of HTC One M10   is very beautiful and it is very much expected to have a resolution of 2K.The company may put their full effort in giving the best than the older version.HTC One M9 has the High Definition display.People cannot expect the display with resolution of 4K, because all will come in one by one.  So, it is always better not to dream more. It is expected that the display will be 5 Inches. The Battery of HTC One M10 is having the complete longevity and durability sectionin the Smartphone. And 3500 mAH battery is expected. This will be the best one for having a good power for the Smartphone with effective capabilities, because the battery if one of the big problem for lots of people. And Battery seems to be an issue of everybody these days.The HTC One M10   has support of dual SIM using the Nano Technology. These above features make the big competitor to Samsung Galaxy S7, Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6.