Cash Property Sale: The Easiest Way Of Selling Your Home

Selling your house is not a simple task, and especially when you want to sell it off in a shorter time span. At times, things happen all of a sudden such that you need to take important decisions like selling your house immediately.

This urgency may be related to urgent need of funds, some separation or marriage, some health issues or a job offer from abroad. In all such cases, you want to just sell your existing property and buy a new one to the place you are moving.

About Cash Property Sale

Everyone doesn’t have such abundant funds to afford two properties at a time and sometimes the chances of returning to original place are also bleak. In such situations, people look for someone who can buy their house instantly without much hassle.

There are usually two ways of selling your property. One is finding an estate agent who connects you to prospective buyers and arranges their visit to your property for finalization. Other one is cash property buying companies. Nowadays, these companies have gained popularity on account of the convenience provided by them.

Unlike traditional method, there is no need of decorating and restructuring your home for selling it. They buy your home in its present condition. The repairing, painting and renovation is the responsibility of cash property buying company.

All you need to do is just make an online request for property evaluation. Their property evaluation team visits you within 24 hours of making request. After evaluation, a proposal is sent to the seller within a week or so. The entire process usually takes 2 week’s time. You can contact new look realty, one of the leading cash property buyers for selling your house.

There are few steps involved in a property sale and this guide will assist you about its various steps.

When Is Your Considered To Be House Sold?

  • Contract Completion

Contract completion by both the parties is the first step after making an offer. This agreement has various terms and conditions pertaining to payment and price. Generally offer is given by the seller, and the prospective buyer either issues his own offer or accepts the same offer.

After some negotiations there is a saturation point where minds of seller and buyer match and deal get finalized.

  • Property Inspection

Almost every property is inspected by the potential buyer. Obviously, when a person is investing such a huge amount of money, he would surely be interested to see it firstly.

During inspection, the potential buyer checks the condition of property. Once satisfied, he asks for final price and negotiation. If all goes well, the deal gets finalized within a week or so.

  • Loan Approval

After submitting required documents to lender, your file goes for underwriting, which may take about two to three weeks.

The appraisal is required to be submitted at the agreed-upon price. If very low appraisal is submitted, more negotiations may take place till the time a new appraisal gets finalized.


Hope this guide will assist you in selling your home at a good price.