Chennai To Pondicherry Road Trip, A Once In A Lifetime Experience

There is nothing that can compare to packing the rucksacks and heading for a fun road trip in the old fashion way. For you, it might simply be taking a break from the ordinary life, which you wished for long. Amidst all the real appeals and attractions of India, one charm that is rapidly getting popular is a road trip. Setting out on a road venture through the cities, towns, villages, or the untouched jungles in India with friends, family, or a loved one, are a wonderful adventure to take via your own car or a rental.

South India is loaded with superb road trip routes, and covering the 160 km (estimated) road distance in the from Chennai to Pondicherry is one that explorers take just often. Whether, you are driving your own vehicle or sitting in the passenger seat and covering the journey in a Chennai to Pondicherry cab, one thing that is sure is that you are going to have a wonderful time in the voyage.

Chennai is among the most famous destinations in southern India. Furthermore, this city invites all with arms completely open. Hot, congested and boisterous, it is the real transportation center of the south and most voyagers stay here for a sufficiently long time to book a ticket for elsewhere destination within the region. The there are not too many attractions here, however it boasts fine examples of Raj building design, pilgrimages, eminent Chola bronzes that is kept at the state museum, and world-renowned Classical music and dance. While you are here you’ll also find the themed clubs and bars with trendy bars jamming and playing metal, rock, and pop songs with the youths hitting the floor and breaking some moves. In the midst of all, you’ll also find some remarkable-old fortresses, royal residences and temples that will give you a sneak look into the past. Besides, there is a long stretch of beach and untamed wildlife parks for those looking for some comfort in the lap of nature.

Pondicherry, on the other hand, is a fromer and old French province and presently counts among the top tourist destinations of South India. This beachfront town was a French province till 1954 and still holds numerous churches, colonial era buildings, statues and the orderly town plan made by the French. It is quite often referred as the “Europe of India” due to its town plan. Despite the fact that a it is small in area, the town contains an intriguing blend of Indian and French provincial legacy and various traveler attractions.

Moreover, heading to Coimbatore is rapidly getting popular as a trend amongst the Chennians. Enlist a Chennai to Coimbatore cab to cover the road distance of 499 km, which is brimming with adventure and attractions.