Choose Your Wine Glasses Carefully

You select each bottle of wine with great care, looking for a perfect blend of texture, flavor, and aroma. But if you use the wrong wine glass to serve your new discovery, you may not care for the result. The proper shape, texture and storage of your wine glasses is equally as important as the type of wine in the bottle.

Basic Stemware

All wine glasses consist of the bowl, stem and base. Each type of glass is designed to best enhance the four sensations connected with wine–bouquet, texture, flavor and finish, or after-taste. The shape of the glass is created to enhance the wine’s harmony of flavors and to highlight its uniqueness. A wine glass needs an ample glass volume in order to give the wine room to breathe and allow its aromas to blossom.

Why Riedel Wine Glasses?

Even though lead oxide has been used in the creation of fine crystal glasses since the 1600s, lead consumption has been recognized as a health hazard, resulting in strict guidelines. Since the lead oxide used in the creation of Riedel wine glasses is totally integrated into the molecular structure of the glass, it is safe for even children to use daily. Worldwide legal measures have been surpassed by the company to ensure your safety. The microscopic roughness of the glass allows the wine to develop a more intense aroma. Dishwasher-safe, with a hand-polished rim, these glasses combine the charm of handmade crystal with consistent accuracy. The best design is coupled with the best technology to create signature wine glasses you’ll truly be proud of. Their shape has been forged over the years by trial and error, with the ultimate goal always in mind of providing the best vessel to enhance the color, bouquet and taste of your wine.

Care of Stemware

Avoid storing your stemware in the kitchen, since multiple odors resulting from cooking will be picked up by the glasses. Even though they are dishwasher-safe, there are occasions where you’ll want to hand-wash your stemware, using warm water and detergent. Use two towels to dry them and never hold by the base. Stains can be removed with white vinegar. If you’re making an investment in your choice of wine, you also need to make an investment in your choice of stemware. By choosing a leader in consumer crystal glass like Riedel wine glasses, you are making a wise choice.