Choosing A Handbag According To Your Body Size

Clothes and accessories have different effect on our body. Handbag is a common accessory that we use to define our style. You must choose a handbag that goes well with your body. Many ladies choose wrong type of handbag, in end which has negative effect on their overall look. Finding perfect handbag is all about getting correct ration of handbag to your body. Here is a guide how to find right handbag.

Perfect Hourglass Body

If you are lucky to have an hourglass figure, you can carry any Elan handbag. Any accessory with Elan goes perfectly with hourglass figure. Whether you want garments, shoes or any other accessory, it will fit you perfectly. Do not just pick any Elan handbag, it must have correct color and style. The perfect choice for all your clothes is leather handbag. For colors, you might want to go with most basic color like off-white, white and black. There are many handbags Justfab provide, where you can find best according to your preference.

Tall and Thin

Many women like to be tall and thin, though not too tall. Such ladies are able to carry huge handbags but they should have perfect style. Huge handbags allow you to carry anything. You may range the width of the bag until you find one that will suit you perfectly. Tall and thin ladies can also choose backpacks, satchels, totes, or any other type of handbag.

Tiny and Plump

These types of women never like small handbags. Nonetheless, you can go for a small handbag that has great style. If the handbag is too big, it might make you look bulkier. For the length, choose one that is not too long. Purses are best choice for small and plump ladies.

Plus Size Women

Whether you are short or tall plus size woman, you will want to choose your handbag wisely. Going for big handbag will make you look bulkier and fatter. Small handbags will limit the bulkiness though extra small handbags will look awkward. You can choose a bag that is moderately huge. Choose a bag that has many designs, which helps to get people’s attention from your body to the bag.

Wide-shouldered Ladies

If you have wide shoulders, you will want to avoid wide handbags. Narrower bags that have long straps are best for such ladies. Choosing long shape handbag will help to balance your shoulders. Avoid choosing bags that have sharp edges. Handbags that have curvy shape, like oblong or oval, will make you look good.

Pear Shape and Big Breasts

The best choice of handbag for pear shape is one that has short strap. This will stick to your bust line, which will not highlight the area. If you have a big bust, you will want to go for long-strap handbag. Long-strap bags will make you look perfect.

Extra Bulky

For the extremely bulky women, they find it difficult to choose a handbag. The secret here is not to find handbag that highlight your size. The best choice for you is middle sized handbag.

The secret of finding right handbag is by considering the size of your body, with the size of your handbag. You can look out for great TV spot from JustFab and get idea to get right bag for your body.