Choosing A Survival Knife Without Any Fuss Is Easy!

A knife is the single most important tool one needs to carry when venturing into the wilderness. It doesn’t matter if you are going on a hike; camping or hunting, having a steel blade by your side can help combat a variety of situations with ease. Some of the factors that contribute in choosing a suitable survival knife are as given below. Once you are conversant with the features and functions of the products on offer, you will find it easy to buy the knife of your choice without any fuss or ado.

Full Tang

A full tang knife is one in which the handle is covered with a polymer composite or wood to give it an additional grip and to make it easy to carry around. There, the handle and the knife is one single piece, which gives the knife a reliable structural integrity, thus reducing the chances of breakage.

Fixed Blade

Folding knives look cool and are handy, but they are not quite practical in a survival situation. A fixed blade knife is reliable especially when used in almost any orientation. A good hunting knife is one where the handle and the blade are made of a single piece of metal. The metal handle is covered with a suitable material to increase its grip.

Size Matters

A good hunting knife is between 4 and 6 inches long. Any shorter and it becomes too small for any use, and longer knives are harder to carry. An ideal knife is one that is easy to work with, especially when making small traps and cutting notches on fire boards. However, it should be large enough to split small logs and chop timber for fire.

Blade Edge

The sharp edge of the blade should be a continuous edge from the base of the blade to the tip. Serrated edges designs are generally discouraged in a traditional hunting knife, however they do have specialized uses and are generally used as back up knives. One of the main reasons why a smooth edge knife is used is that it is easy to sharpen when the blade dulls without the need for specialized tools.

Spine Design

The spine is the dull side of the knife, which is on the opposite side of the blade edge. This ought to be flat, which gives it a sturdy hitting platform when splitting wood. Any jagged edges can hinder a knife’s functionality.

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