Choosing Your Hot Dog Supplier

Choosing Your Hot Dog Supplier

You do not need to be particularly passionate about hot dogs to be aware that there are many bad products in the market. Loose regulation regarding meat content and “meat by-products” enable manufacturers to make sausages with as little as 43% meat content, the rest is meat by-products that can range from liver to mechanically recovered meat; even then, a pork sausage’s 43% meat content can be made up of at least 25% connective tissue and 30% fat and still count towards the total meat content. On top of that, there are concerns about Nitrates, added salts from chemical or natural sources, being linked to cancer-causing agents such as N-Nitroso.

Buying food, and especially meat products, is made more dangerous by manufacturers who do not rigorously follow sanitary standards and attempt to save money by skipping as many steps as they can get away with. Getting a good sausage is hard, you need to find the right combination of healthy, flavoursome and safe; however, there are manufacturers who make an effort to make their product the best out there. This is why choosing your hot dog supplier carefully is very important.

Soloway’s makes that effort, the company’s top priority is customer satisfaction and that is impossible to obtain without being careful in the way food is handled. Since 1927 they have made it a priority to prepare their products with the best meat out there and strictly following health and safety regulations. Unlike some other manufacturers, they have the full list of ingredients on their webpage so that you know you are getting what you paid for. They dedicate their resources to supply their customers with the very best products available on the market.

Not only do they prepare their sausages with the best products but also, they have something for every occasion and every taste. Their products range from all-beef regular wieners, to jerk chicken and honey garlic sausages; unlike other brands, this one is friendly to vegetarians and offers a range of products to suit their needs.

All the meat products on offer are gluten-free and nitrate free, which means that there are no health risks involved in eating these delicious sausages. You get the taste of all-beef wieners without the additives that make them harmful in the long run. Since the sausages are made with the best ingredients, the meat content of the sausages is high and they do not use mechanically recovered meat at all, which ensures that the sausages stay delicious.

Having been born as a local shop, the Hot Dog Supplier is always in touch with what their customers want, all the information regarding the ingredients and even recommended recipes can be found on their webpage. Having started out in 1927 as a deli where costumers could enjoy the best European meat products, the brand is a mix of old and new, they follow their original recipes and cooking methods but have evolved in order to provide quality products to all sectors of the food service, from food stands to catering operations and wholesalers across Ontario.