Cool and Original Birthday Gifts

Even though we love our dearest friends and family, when that time of the year called their birthday comes, many of us kind of forget their likings and the things they would to have do not pop our mind. Oh, the horror. Not to mention the humiliation of forgetting to congratulate their birthday (thanks, Facebook, for being there for us since 2004).

If you want to avoid awkward situations in the future, here are some creative ideas that can help you make your beloved ones the happiest persons on the face of the Earth. Keep reading and find out our selection of cool and original birthday gifts.

Non-material Birthday Gifts

Sometimes, the most valuable gifts are those that cannot be bought with a credit card.

If you are a good cook, you can bake a cake or cookies for the birthday person. If your friend is new in town or never has the time to check out cultural events, you can take them to an art gallery or a museum.

If you are not sure what to give to your child for its birthday, think about telling them your family story. Make it the most creative one by organising the making of a family tree together. This way, you will be a loving parent who pays attention to tradition and spends time teaching your child family values. Not to mention the memories you will have of the time spent together. And who knows, maybe your child will make it a tradition and pass the story to your grandchildren, in the same way as you delivered the story to them.

And finally, if you do not manage to find the time to spend with the birthday person, but would like to make up for it, you can give them a voucher to exchange for some quality time spent with you. This kind of present is the best one for your kids or parents, especially if you guys are living apart or at long distance

Personalised Birthday Gifts Rock the Boundaries

  • Personalised key chain – You can make a regular key chain more personalised if you print out your name on it. Or even better, if you like your friend that much, you can print out an image of the two of you and give it as a useful memorabilia to them.
  • Favourite band T-shirt – If you know for sure that the birthday girl or boy loves one special band or a singer, you can give them a T-shirt with their favourite band printed on it. Even if you cannot find a ready-made T-shirt, you can find a suitable image; you can print a custom one. However, you are going to have to make sure that the image and T-shirt dimensions and format fit your printer’s demands and avoid a mistake (and disappointment) before it even happens.
  • Favourite magazine subscription – If the birthday person loves a certain magazine, you can gladden them by paying an annual subscription for their favourite magazine. You can make things more interesting and keep it a secret for a while, and then put a Happy Birthday card in a magazine in a few months. Think of the surprise!
  • Interesting umbrella – If you want to give your friend or significant other a really useful gift, try printing out some special note or image onto a personalised umbrella. Especially if the autumn or springs are coming – this gift will be very thoughtful and most used one. Not to mention if your friend is a fan of How I Met Your Mother – this kind of gift would be received with praise and cries of joy.

If you have any other interesting ideas, do not hesitate and share them with us in the comments section below.