Cool Money Clips For Women

Typically, around the end of year when people are looking for holiday gift ideas, women’s wallets with multiple pockets can be seen everywhere you look. The idea is that the more pockets and compartments a wallet has, the easier it will be to organize everything you want to carry. What many women have found is that the reality is much less convenient than advertised. While these compartments may give you more room to put more items in, it also ends up making it more difficult to find what you actually need when you need it.

Cool Money Clips For Women

The primary difference in the way that men and women handle their cash and credit cards is that women typically carry a purse in addition to a wallet. When they need to pay for a purchase, they must open the purse, find the wallet, and then get to the compartment that has the money or card that they are looking for. Men, on the other hand, carry only a wallet and try to keep it flat enough to fit into the back pocket of their jeans or pants. Even when they accomplish this feat, an overstuffed wallet often looks and feels too bulky and it contains a lot of items that will never be needed. The solution that men often turn to is to use a money clip to hold cash in place while keeping it neat and easily accessible. Naked Wallet explains that the unique design of their cool money clips makes carrying money easier and stylish. More importantly, the variety of colors offer a better option for both men and women who want easy access to their cash and credit cards without the need to search through a messy purse.

Cool Money Clips That Go Where You Go

Sometimes carrying a purse isn’t convenient for woman, any more than it would be for men. The minimal design makes it ideal for:

  • Clubbing
  • Traveling
  • Playing sports
  • Bike rides
  • Hiking
  • Shopping

Basically, these clips can go anywhere that requires you to keep your hands free and where comfort is an issue. With a money clip, you carry only the essentials, not pictures of every member of your family and receipts for takeout food that you purchased three months ago.

Choose Your Color

Another reason that makes cool money clips so cool is the variety of colors. Women can enjoy the bright pink leather that eliminates any idea of money clips being masculine or they can stick with more classic colors like black or brown. You may even want to purchase more than one color to give you a little variety.

The Ideal Wallet for Everyone of Any Age

Cool money clips aren’t just for the young and stylish. They are the perfect solution for anyone of any age who simply wants a more convenient way of carrying their cash and avoiding the bulk that builds up in a traditional wallet and purse. They are a great gift idea for anyone on your list or a super way to treat yourself.