Creating The Right Acting Resume!

Acting is a very challenging career and no easy task. You will face a lot of competition and you need to be on your toes all the time. Now, what can you do to improve your chances of landing the right roles?

The answer lies in creating a powerful and detailed resume!

JD Dukes is a mentor to many actors both aspiring and professional. He says most new actors are not even aware on how to create a top class acting resume. It is important for you as an actor. You should include your acting experience, qualifications and contact information for people who wish to get in touch with you. Casting directors will also receive a short glance of you as an actor.

Resume for acting – Dos

Remember the resume you create for acting should always be a single paged one. It should also have a photograph of you at the top.  The language of your resume should be simple to read and not cluttered. The format should be good and the fonts you use in the document should be legible.

Your resume should contain the following information-

  • Your resume should have the details of your physical looks like color of hair, eye, height and weight
  • It should include your address, telephone number and email address
  • You should include the details of your acting experience on TV, commercials, schools, theatre etc.
  • The resume should also include any special skills like language, singing, weapon mastery, sports etc.

Resume Don’ts

  • You should never list any acting skill or experience you do not possess. This will inflate your resume. If you do not have professional training in singing, you should not list it in your resume. In the same manner, you should not list a second language as a special skill.
  • There may be a case where you appeared for an audition but failed to clear it. This experience should never be included in your resume. Make sure you should never have any black marks listed in your resume.

Find the right format of acting resumes on the internet

In case you are not sure on what the right acting format should be, it is important for you to conduct a search on the Internet. Choose the right one and if possible ask a professional to guide you. The right format will help you score good marks.

JD Dukes says that if you abide by the above tips, you will find that your acting resume will surely stand out in the crowd. Casting directors will sure notice you and you will get a competitive edge in the market. Take time and write a very good resume. Ensure that you do not have any spelling or grammatical errors at all. In this manner, you will be able to get the best for your profession. Ask experts in case you are not sure of the language. With the right guidance, you are able to create an effectively resume without fear!

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