Criminal Enforcement Specialist Dedicated To His Job

No other occupation demands that greater observance of ethical standards than the professionals who are responsible for law enforcement. Regardless of the fact, other careers that require its practitioners to maintain same level of dedication and adherence to such ethical standards in order to serve society, there is always a tremendous amount of expectation from criminal justice professionals. This is the reason why they are always under constant public scrutiny while carrying out their functions and in their private lives. Police officers have to constantly bear the brunt of public cynicism as certain sections of society hope they mishandle situations while discharging their duties or are hoping to find the right examples and strong leadership.

Adam Quirk is a prominent law enforcement expert from De Pere, Wisconsin, United States with fifteen years of valuable experience in the fields of criminal investigation, security management, background checks of potential criminals and violent crime investigation including drug diversion. He has a master degree in criminal justice from Boston University and in his capacity of as law enforcement professional he has been Special Investigator for the U.S. Investigations Services, Inc. (USIS) and a Diversion Investigator with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Apart from this, he has served with the Federal Bureau of Investigations as a special agent. Currently, he is establishing his own private investigations firm, Stealth Advise and pursuing his Masters in Business Administration from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

Maintaining Public Trust at All Times

This prominent criminal justice professional explains that the vast majority of professionals in field of law enforcement and criminal justice are sincere and hard working people who have dedicated their lives to eradicate crime in society. However, unfortunately, their good deeds in preventing crime and apprehending violent perpetrators seldom do not make the newspaper headlines nor does it last long in the public memory. While such public cynicism makes it harder for law enforcement officers to carry out their duties, it is imperative for every officer uphold and maintain the trust society bestows on them when perform their duties.

Oath of Office

Every individual who choose a career in the field of law enforcement has to take an oath of office where they swear to protect, uphold and defend the constitution of the country when they graduate as law enforcement officers. In essence, these people pledge to be honest and upright citizens, who will conduct themselves in a soberly manner at all time, stay away from offensive behavior and obey their superiors within individual department of various law enforcement agencies. Above all, these professionals vow to discharge their duties and responsibilities of law enforcement officers with fear or favor while serving the public.

Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

Adam Quirk says that while the oath of office prepares the groundwork for establishing ethical behavior among criminal justice professionals, each individual law enforcement agency has its own code of ethics that prepare officers to not only enforce the law of the land but to uphold and follow it at all cost. The provisions of this code of ethics include safeguarding life and property of the people, avoiding bias and appreciating the badge they wear is a symbol of society’s trust.

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