Daily Skin-Care Routine

It is said that first impressions are the most lasting impressions, and your face and skin is what is most prominent in your appearance, a well-groomed personality is the best accessory any individual can have! Make sure your skin is always fresh and glowing by putting in place a routine which takes care of its basic needs, as well as special treatment.


Start your day with a mild water-soluble cleanser which clears oil and dust which may have accumulated on your skin.  Using a cleanser prepares your skin to absorb any other products you may plan to use. To make the most of your cleanser, make sure you use it at night too!


Toners are formulated to replenish the skin and add skin- repairing elements after cleaning it. Not only does it help you prepare your skin for a protective layer of creams to hold you throughout the day, but also helps you clean all traces of your makeup at night, allowing your skin to breathe freely and rejuvenate before the next day!


Our skin has a layer of dead cells that make it look dull and lifeless. Dead skin accumulates dust pollution and oil which can affect your skin adversely. Use an exfoliant which gently scrubs away dead and dull skin, leaving you feeling fresh and glowing.

Acne Treatment

The most common skin problem faced by modern women of all ages is that of acne. Cause by pollution, hormonal imbalances and several other factors, Acne can be controlled by keeping the skin clean and using lotions which are specifically created to address the problem.Cleansed and exfoliated skin with acne resisting lotion to remove chances of sudden eruptions which may give you a bad- skin day!  There are several options to buy lotions from anonline medical store which claim to treat acne, but for a serious affliction, it may be advisable to consult your dermatologist!

Cosmetic Treatment

Skin which has been cleaned and prepped with basic anti-bacterial formulae, is ready for creams and lotion which give it specific treatment.

  • Anti- Aging treatment

Keep age away by using an anti- aging cream which resists lines and wrinkles

  • Targeted treatments

For persistent specific skin issues, use a medicated cream or ointment which is specially formulated to address a particular condition. Now you can buy both creams and medicines online.

A sustained skin care routine takes care of most skin- ailments, but make sure you see a doctor for persistent skin conditions. Skin health is closely related to diet and exercise. Ensure that your diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains which are the sources of important nutrients. Drinking enough water is also a big step forward towards glowing skin. Last, but not the least, trust in the wisdom of your mother and grandmother, trying out natural treatments which help you without causing any side- effects. Zigy offers several natural health products online which you can buy easily from this online medical store to augment your skincare routine!

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