Delivering The Eggs In The Hassle-free Manner

Even with a well-researched marketing strategy, mastery of the laws and protocols and perfectly priced dozens, you cannot expect to see your egg business take flight without producing a top-quality product. It all begins with choosing expert layer chickens.

Your egg-business strategy is in place, and your hens are busy doing what they do best; so the next thing to consider is promotion, packaging and distribution. Will you set up an honor stand with recycled cartons filled with brown eggs, offer eggs at your local agronomist’s market or sell your merchandises through your local natural-food store? Do you plan to publicize or promote your eggs to the public? If you decide to offer delivery services, how far will your radius extend? You will need to weigh the costs and benefits of all these factors and many more when you go into the business of egg production in Norco Ranch.

First and foremost, you will want to ensure the product is safe and clean to get top dollar for your eggs. Proper chicken husbandry, which includes keeping the nest boxes clean and fresh, results in eggs that require little washing. After washing, the eggs come out clean, and also that washing the eggs could remove their natural bloom, which seals out harmful bacteria and seals in moisture. So if you gather them regularly throughout the day, you will not have to wash them. That cuts down on your production and packaging time, the eggs last longer, too.

Next, consider your packaging. As Norco Ranch Egg Reviews have mentioned, some regions may have laws regarding the use of reused cartons, or you may wish to stamp your phone number and name on the package so customers know who to call when they run out of eggs. Online outlets and farm-supply stores sell unmarked cartons at reasonable prices.

For many people, plain cartons with contact information scribed on the lid promote repeat business as the customers can give back the old cartons, which the seller can reuse again. Distributing your eggs will depend on your market. Some options include:

  • putting an honor stand at the end of your driveway stocked with eggs every morning
  • Setting a “farm-fresh eggs” sign in front of your farm.
  • Building a set client list and delivering eggs to them regularly.
  • Participating in CSA programs.
  • Working at a stand at your local farmers’ market.
  • Selling through locally owned grocery stores or markets

Many egg distributors advises budding egg entrepreneurs to remain supple and bend with the waxing and waning market conditions. In spare times, you may need to consider doing a sales push and try putting up a sign in your yard or advertising in your local penny-saver newspaper. When business is flourishing, you may need to stop accepting new clients for the time or consider raising your prices.

It is a game, a fun game, but you have to be practical and savvy, do your research and provide the best product you conceivably can. Then customers will come running to you.