Easy To Make and Healthy Homemade Food

Food is one of the most essential components of our day to day livelihood. A good hearty fulfilling meal is one of the best feeling ever. Whoever you may be, working on an empty stomach is an absolute nightmare. Whatever work you do, the work is always better and faster done when it’s done on a full stomach. Empty stomach makes you feel irritated ad you get tired very fast. Thus four filling meals each day starting from breakfast and ending with dinner is absolutely essential for our day to day activities. Meals should not only be fulfilling but also should contain high of nutritional value. Eating outside everyday gives rise to a lot of complications since the food you eat outside may not always be cooked properly or be particularly fresh. Thus eating home cooked food is the best thing to do. Do not worry if you are not a particularly good cook, following are some of the easy to make food at home which are filling as well as have high nutritional value:

  • Boiled egg bhurji and bread: This is one of the easiest to make food and is perfect for a quick filling breakfast before you head out to your workplace or school or college. You can get the boiled egg bhurji recipe from any online site.
  • Granola: This is a breakfast staple and it is very cheap and easy to make from scratch at your own home. You can buy the ingredients of this dish in bulks and lower the cost further.
  • Mac and cheese: Okay I admit it, this is not particularly healthy, but how can one write down a list of foods easy to make at home and not add mac and cheese to that. This is probably the easiest food to make and the most filling. There are very few foods which are more convenient than mac and cheese and it tastes absolutely delicious. It is also really difficult to mess up mac and cheese no matter how bad a cook you are.
  • Idli and Sambhar: This is a classic South Indian dish which is not too difficult to make. It does require bit of preparation but apart from that its really very simple to make. It is basically a form of rice pancakes. It is very healthy and serves as a perfect breakfast.
  • Chiken fry: Yes it is exactly what it sounds like. If you are very hungry and you are craving something tasty then marinating and frying a few pieces of chicken is your best bet. It fills you up and tingles your tastes buds all the right way.
  • Vegetable samosas: If you love junk food then you should start making vegetable samosas at home. This would curb your craving for junk food without actually eating bad quality junk food from roadside food stores.

Boiled egg bhurji is a versatile food. You can have it with chapattis, with rice, with bread or you can just have egg bhurji by itself. It takes maximum five minutes to make and is probably the most convenient food in the entire list. All of the above are food which would satisfy your hunger and you can make them at home easily.