Editing Of An Image: Art or Science?

Since the invention of the camera, the photography has been a field of interest and debate. A photograph is not just a memory, but much more than that. There are lots of people who love to take images of various events and occasions. There are people who maintain the pics as a priceless treasure. However, on some occasions which are important, the images are spoiled in a way that one can just wonder what to do to make the image as expected.

The Problems in an Image:

There are a number of problems one can see in the images which can be of a color tone, color combination, background, unwanted people, etc. Image editing can help one edit the image in the case of cutting away or removing of one’s face, clothes spoiled with untidy creases, the balance of colors, and many more fronts where only photo  editing can help. In such cases, an ordinary photo editor will not be of great help, and one needs to hire an expert only. A quality editor can only be helpful at this stage, and hence one needs to look for an expert image editor who can make necessary changes manually and not with some algorithm based tools.

Editing Of An Image:  Art or Science?

The Editing Skills:

A photo editor at an image editing company possesses necessary skills to touch-up the photo and reshape it so that it becomes acceptable to the viewers. The editing is done manually by an expert editor who is not just a skilled and professional photographer, but also an image editor and possesses vast experience in this field photo retouching and post processing. With the help of his skills, he can add a person to an image or remove an unwanted one from a picture. Not only that, he can also make one look slim and shapely in an image so that one can have a sweet memory beyond the time. He has retouching skills, with the help of which, he can fix the balance of colors, white balance and create a tone or mood for the people in the image. He can also recompose the image, crop an important area, offer a great retouch to the wedding images such as retouch the image of the bride as well as groom and their guests. He can also offer a new and wonderful background to the image.


There are numerous other services also offered by them. They offer photographic editing and retouching services for real estate and modelling, personality development, blogs, shopping blogs, fashion and lifestyle blogs, tourist destinations and entertainment industry also. Manual, hand-editing is an art as the photo editor understands the image and its importance in one’s life. He, according to the human point of view, can retouch the image which is not possible by any automated tool or software. The importance of an image can be understood only by a human and not a machine. To be a photo editor is also not an easy task as one needs to have vast experience in the field of photography, post-processing and thorough knowledge of angles, perspectives as well as colours.