Facts You Need to Know About Play Doh

It is so slushy, mushy and squashy, and just so fun to play with! It makes you want to play with it, mould it! You can make all sorts of beautiful shape and sizes of stuff with it! However, don’t eat it, it is certainly not good to eat! It is a favourite of every kid all around the globe. Yes, you guessed it right, it is Play Doh.

There is even a day dedicated to commemorate the creation of this marvellous clay-like toy that has given happiness, enjoyment, zest and zeal to all the kids and tiny toddlers in the world! This day is World Clay-Doh Day!

So, here are some amazingly stupendous facts you need to know about this beautiful modelling compound. Read on, guys!

Origins of the squishy Play-Doh

Where did this phenomenal Play Doh day come into existence? This day was celebrated first in United States in September 16, 2006 and is the National Play-Doh day. This product has topped the charts of awesomeness for stuff that kids like to play with, was originally a wallpaper cleaner! Joe McViker, the mastermind behind the brilliancy leading to Toy Hall of fame, heard from a teacher that this clay kids used was not so squishy to work with.

It is estimated that 700 million pounds of this adorable product has been created till date in more than 80 countries!

Amazing aroma to mesmerize you

The incredible aroma of this squishy-squashy modelling compound just makes you mesmerized, doesn’t it? Well, if you like it a lot, you may have it!

Demeter Fragnance Library produces cologne that will make you smell just like the astounding Play-Doh. If not this, you may also have aromatic candles that will just do the job.

Mastermind behind the brilliant formula

Dr. Tien Liu was the one who came up with the brilliant formula of this great piece of art! Dr. Liu was the one who helped to change it from a wallpaper cleaner to everyone’s favourite playing stuff.

What was in the formula?

Initially, no one knew the formula behind the wonderful creation. However it was later on revealed by Hasbro. It was actually a mixture of water, flour and salt. Later, in 2004, it was revealed that the left-over ingredients included salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil and flour.

How was Play-Doh originally known as?

It was originally called as  “Rainbow Modelling Compound”. Sounds boring, isn’t it? Don’t you find the name “Play-Doh” more appealing? You do, right?

It was Kay Zuffall and her husband behind this adorable name.

Path to success 

This product was brought into the Hall of Fame in 1998. More than 7 million playsets have been sold since 1999. In addition to this, 100 million cans are sold every year!  Till this date, more than 2 billion cans have been sold out.

What are you waiting for? Let your imaginations take a swing and start playing with this awesome Play-Doh!

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